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Last Updated on: 6th May 2024, 02:13 pm

Experience Spring’s Renaissance at Hever Castle & Gardens: A Haven for History Lovers and Romantics Alike

As spring awakens the earth, Hever Castle & Gardens beckons visitors to witness a spectacular season of renewal amidst its historic and horticultural splendour. Nestled in the lush Kent countryside, this quintessential English estate is more than just a visual retreat—it’s a journey through the romantic and turbulent Tudor era, making it a prime destination for both British and international guests.

Step into a Tudor Spring at Hever Castle

Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I, offers a unique window into the Tudor dynasty’s complexities and charms. As you explore the ancient stones of this historic fortress, you will feel the echoes of Tudor royalty, whose stories are intricately woven into the fabric of the castle. The spring season, symbolic of renewal and new beginnings, adds a poignant layer to your visit, highlighting the castle’s role in the genesis of England’s most famous queen.

Wander Through the Italianate Gardens

The castle grounds transform during spring, with the Italianate Gardens coming to vibrant life. Designed to impress and enchant, these meticulously crafted gardens feature classical sculptures, ornate fountains, and an array of vibrant blooms that frame the romantic vistas of the surrounding lake. The gardens’ tranquility is punctuated by the gentle sounds of water features, creating a serene atmosphere that invites contemplation and admiration. Stroll along the paths, lined with cascading wisteria and burgeoning azaleas, leading to the breathtaking loggia overlooking the lake—a perfect spot for reflection and relaxation.

Discover the Beauty of the Lake and Water Features

The lake at Hever Castle, with its serene water reflecting the sky’s changing hues, offers an idyllic backdrop to the Italianate Gardens. The lake’s edge, dotted with daffodils and bluebells, provides a picturesque setting for leisurely walks or tranquil moments of solitude. As you meander along the water’s edge, the interplay of light, water, and flora creates a living impressionist painting that’s ever-changing and always captivating.

A Call to Romantics and Historians

Hever Castle & Gardens is not merely a destination; it’s an immersive experience that appeals deeply to romantics and historians. The blend of historical architecture with the lush, designed landscapes offers a multisensory journey through time and beauty. It is a place where history palpably intertwines with the present, where every bloom and every stone tells a story of passion, intrigue, and beauty.

We invite you to experience this remarkable blend of history and natural beauty this spring. Whether you are drawn by the romance of the Tudor era, the tranquil beauty of the Italianate gardens, or simply the chance to lose yourself in a place where history meets natural elegance, Hever Castle & Gardens promises a truly memorable escape.

Plan your visit this spring to Hever Castle & Gardens and let the rebirth of nature rejuvenate your spirit and inspire your imagination. It’s a journey through history, beauty, and the timeless appeal of one of England’s most beloved estates.


Italian Garden

Tulipa “Ice cream” tulips

Half Moon Lawn

Catalpa Lawn

Kent & Sharpshooters Yeomanry Museum

Church Lawn

Hever Shops and Miniature Houses Exhibition 

Info Hut

Hever Castle

Before you step into the historic elegance of Hever Castle, please have your tickets ready for a smooth entry. Don’t forget to pick up an audio guide as you enter; it will enrich your tour with fascinating insights and stories, making your journey through the castle even more memorable.

Other rooms in the castle

de Hever 1210-1340

Grant by John de Lychepole to Sir Ralph de Hever and Hawys, Ralph’s wife, of his manor of Hever except an acre of meadow and a bridge on the north of the mill which formerly was Sir Stephen de Penicestre’s for their service. c. 1270

de Cobham 1340-1399

Grant by Reginald Cobeham, lord of Steresburgh to Stephen le Scroop, knight, son of Richard le Scroop, knight lord of Bolton, 5 Henry TV 1404

Scrope 1399-1408

Grant by William Ferrers, esquire, of the county of Kent, to Stephen Scroop, esquire, son and heir of Stephen Scroop, knight, of the county of York, deceased, of the manor called ‘Heverbroket,’ all other his lands in Kent. 

20 February, 8 Henry v 1421

Fastolf 1408-1423

Grant by Stephen Scroop, esquire, to William Cheyney, the king’s justice, John Fastolf, son of Alexander Fastolf of his two manors called ‘Hevercobham‘ and ‘Heverbroket,’ and all other his lands &c. in the county of Kent.

6 March. 8 Henry v 1421

Fiennes 1423-1464

Grant by Stephen Lescrop, to Roger Fenys, knights, of his manors of Hevere Cobham and Hevere Brokays and of all his lands, &c. in Hevere and Chidyngstone. 7 December 2 Henry vi 1424

Boleyn 1464-1540

Grant by William Fenys, knight, lord of Say, Geoffrey Boleyn, citizen and mercer of London, of the manors of Hevere Cobham, and Hevere Brokays, with lands, &c., in the parishes of Hevere and Chydyngstone. 12 February 39 Henry vi

Anne of Cleves 1540-1557

Lady Anne of Cleves, for certain considerations manors of Hever, and park of Hever, Kent- Thos, earl of Wiltshire, advowsons of the churches of Shene, Richemonde Petresham, Ham, Hever. With reservations, and on condition of payment of certain fees and annuities, specified, due upon the premises.

20 January 1541

Waldegrave 1557-1715

Whereas the king and queen’s councillor, Sir Edward Waldegrave, knight, chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, lately purchased the manor of Hever Cobham to him and dame Frances his wife and his heirs appears by patent, 25 Feb. 4 and 5 Philip & Mary

12 November 1558

Tudor Garden

Horseshoe Lawn