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We are proud to present our Coral Beach Project in beautiful Chumphon. Chumphon is a peaceful province in
the southern part of Thailand, located between Prachuap Khiri Khan, Rangong and Surat Thani. Chumphon could be
recognized for its breathtaking nature; from waterfalls, luscious forests, mangroves and an array of pristine unspoiled beaches. 




We like to think of it as one of the most unique small lagoons in Thailand, and with its clear water and coral reefs, it is truly magnificent!



Tourism Authority of Thailand has listed Chumphon as a major focus area for tourism in the coming years, this more
than cemented our belief that we have found the perfect place for our beach project!



Our Coral Beach project will be designed in a traditional, yet modern style, inspired by the local surroundings. All
condominiums and villas will have facilities needed to create a unique getaway surrounded by untouched nature
and white sand beaches.



We hope you will enjoy our newest catalogue and that you find this the perfect location and the unit of your needs.
We are looking forward to welcome you into our orange holiday village!



If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the main agent of your choice : britishfareasttraders2019@gmail.com,  our sales staff at
the sales office at the location, or myself directly.



Welcome to Coral Beach Chumphon!



(Nan) Onnicha Pengboon
Sales Office Supervisor Chumphon







The kingdom of Thailand has been a popular travel destination for many years. The land of smiles is known for its glittering temples, fascinating architecture and long stretched tropical beaches – not to mention a friendly smile at every corner! 



To explore Thailand is an adventure, from the pulsating capital of Bangkok City to tracking the hills in Chiang Mai, it is
impossible to get bored in Thailand!




Did You Know?



The Thai economy is driven by tourism and export.


• In Thailand, there has been a long-term shift from agriculture to manufacturing and services, but as of 2017, about 32.8 percent of the workforce was still employed in agriculture, forestry, and fishing, although this sector is responsible for only 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). The economy is heavily dependent on export, such as textiles and computer components, which account for 60 percent of GDP.


• Thailand is often called “the land of always summer”. You know what to expect as the climate holds almost all year round. Warm air with blazing sun centering the clear blue sky, Thailand is the place to be.


• The country is famous for its hospitality. Thai people are known to be friendly with a big smile on their faces. Compassionate and supportive, they are always willing to assist, should you be needing any help.


• Inexpensive living. Thailand is one of the countries that is considered most inexpensive to live in. Food, transport, services and accommodations are all affordable, you could easily enjoy a full meal for less than $3. When compared to the United States, the cost of living is estimated to be 36 percent lower in Thailand.


• It is estimated that Thailand houses 10 percent of the world’s bird species.






Welcome to Coral Beach Chumphon, Thailand!




Blending in beautifully with the natural surroundings, the development consists of condominiums and spacious private villas.



With a firm commitment in keeping the project green, vast areas of the landscape will remain untouched. Therefore, both residents and visitors alike can enjoy both the large expansion of vegetation and the stunning white sand beach, as nature intended. All restaurants, pools, and other facilities will be cleverly integrated into the existing environment, thus producing one of the most stylish and desirable complexes in the whole of Thailand.



Many have travelled through this area on their way to and from Bangkok, or to take one of the ferries to one of the many beautiful islands; but few have taken the time to stop and explore this unspoiled, idyllic and unique province.



When we first saw the endless beautiful beaches, where mass tourism had not yet set foot, we knew we had found Utopia – the perfect place for our beach project!



Did you know that Chumphon is a hub for active travelers with the perfect places to kayak, bicycle and dive? And that Chumphon has a beautiful untouched twenty-mile-long coastal strip? The perfect place to explore beautiful nature or relax in a hammock on the beach.






Set directly in the lush greeneries of Chumphon, dotted between palms and sandy trails our four coral beach con-
dominiums of 3, and 5 stories and little neighborhood of villas make up a sheltered resort ranging from 150 to 500
meters from the untouched Coral Beach. 




The secluded bay makes for calm waters, ideal for all levels of swimming, snorkeling and diving. All you need will be in
walking distance and the resort will have outlets like rental of motorbikes, bicycles and water equipment to a travel
agency, private transport and airline booking services.



There will also be stores such as minimart, massage parlor and laundry service as well as divine dining facilities, to
make sure all you need is on the premises.



Drawing on traditional Thai style with colonial details in the framework and exterior, our condominiums portray a
white and fresh aesthetic. Our spacious units are carefully decorated and developed to reflect the beautiful sceneries
and nature that is Chumphon. 




The projects well thought out location, the groups track record of growth and performance across purposeful green initiatives gives you a greater investment potential!





For investors



Special for our Coral Beach Chumphon investors is the variety of offers and project types we provide for this development. Building 1, and 3 is offered with our regular, world-wide investment options whereby we take care of
and rent out the apartment for you, while you can sit back, relax and enjoy the returns!




Residential living



We also offer a purely residential building in our Coral Beach Condominium 2. While our Coral Beach Condominium 4 is divided in to sections A and B, whereas section A is reserved for our regular investment options and section B will be operated as a hotel. 



We also have several private villa plots with our regular investment options available. The villas come in three different sizes, ranging from a land space of 424sqm to 640sqm, with monthly maintenance service.



If there is any confusion, our service minded sales staff or agents are happy to answer any queries. Contact them for
more information.







Staying true to the New Nordic way of building up communities, our Chumphon Sales Office is located on the
land right in-between the condominiums and the beach. A convenient place for all interested to gain information
about New Nordic and the development. The Sales Office is open with staff ready to help you with your needs!



The nature of the province’s western part consists of highly hilly terrain, while the central part is characterized by
dense forest and large agricultural fields, making this untouched paradise of Thailand a green oasis – a must visit with a lot of activities for families or single travelers!










The ocean outside of Chumphon has some of the world greatest dive sites.
The islands of Koh Ngam Noi, Koh Ngam Yai and rocks Hin Lak Ngam and Hin Pae offers amazing diving opportunities, and not to talk about the famous diver’s island of Koh Tao, only a ferry ride away from our project. Divers can experience the fascinating seabed configurations from coral gardens to stone mounds and caves. 



The main attraction will still be fish in all the colors of the rainbow, varies from barracuda, trigger fish, eels and so much more –you may even spot a whale shark!





Chumphon has many mangrove forests that are home to birds of all kind. From September to October each year, you can observe a large number of migratory birds along the coast who want to escape the cold winter in Northern Asia and fly to a warmer climate in the South, such as Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia. 




“Raptor Mountain” is a mountain where many bird watchers gather to observe rare species. There is also an amazing view over the whole province from this peak!






Experience the incredible beauty of stalagmites and stalactites that were hidden in caves for thousands of years. In Chumphon there are several wonderful caves that are worth a visit and will be an exciting experience.
Many companies offer trips to the caves and you should compare the various offers to find the excursion that suits you the best.






Kiteboarding is a popular activity in Chumphon. Because of its geographical location it has the best wind conditions in Thailand under both South-West and North-East monsoon. The perpetual wind combined with friendly Thai hospitality
is a guarantee that Kiteboard training will be an unforgettable experience!






Rubber boat rafting offered on a 11 km long section of Kaeng Bok Fai River. The river has a difficulty at 3 and there are 7 exciting areas to explore. It takes about 3 hours to complete the route. There are also areas where the water flows slowly, and you can take a break or splash around and enjoy the cool and clear water. If you start from Haew Loam
Waterfall the journey will take about 2 hours.







New Nordic’s very own restaurant and bar located directly on the beautiful Coral Beach. Serving you the most
exquisite selection of fresh seafood prepared in the traditional Thai way, with a view over the clear blue ocean and the long-stretched beach.







Take a stroll to Old Time Café for a coffee on the go or a bite of their selection of European food. With it’s cool interior and great service, you’re sure to have a good time.







A cozy restaurant located on the beachside, offering both traditional Thai and European cuisine. If you want a filling American breakfast, spicy crab curry or a delicious pizza, this is the place for you.







Even though seafood is Chumphon’s specialty, there are places that also offer more international options. At
Green Kitchen they focus on serving you green and healthy food, as well as all traditional Vietnamese cuisines.







A popular seafood restaurant on a fishing boat pier near the small river.
Serving traditional Thai seafood and other Thai specialties. Next to the pier and seafood restaurant, you will also
find a popular Thai barbecue restaurant.








In Sara Boutique Resort, a 4-star small beachfront hotel, you will find Sara Restaurant, serving both Thai and traditional Western home-cooked meals in a beautiful environment with a stunning sea-view.






 For the third year in a row Bangkok was named the most popular city for international tourists in 2018 surpassing even the bustling cities of London and Paris. Bangkok has more than 22.9 million tourists annually.




Situated in the heart of Asia, Thailand enjoys convenient and beneficial trading opportunities with India, China and the members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This helps Thailand expand its business ties, grow an economy and provide better investment opportunities.



• Foreign direct investment plays a major role in Thailand’s economic development and is beneficial for both the government and investors. Investments done in the fields of skill development, technology and innovation enjoy active backing by government and liberalization.



Thailand’s real estate market is one of Asia’s most popular for foreign investors. Buyers and renters from all over the world have become part of the housing sector whether they are working as an expat or are one of the many thousands of foreign retirees living in Thailand.



• With the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), Thailand hopes to develop its eastern provinces into a leading ASEAN economic zone. The EEC straddles three eastern provinces of Thailand – Chonburi, Rayong, and Chachoengsao – off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand and spans a total of 13,285 square kilometers. The government hopes to complete the EEC by 2021, turning these provinces into a hub for technological manufacturing and services with strong connectivity to its ASEAN neighbors by land, sea and air.














With its nice beaches, warm weather and idyllic climate, Chumphon is a fantastic location. The tourism is also
changing from being visited by the regular hotel guests to families or couples that wish to stay in a fully equipped




We know that our orange community will be the perfect place for a holiday home!



• Chumphon is one of the key areas of the Tourism Authorities of Thailand (TAT) to focus on boosting tourism in the coming years. Chumphon has also recently been selected as one of only four key locations to become the New Thailand Riviera by the Thai Government.




• As New Nordic is already being a highly trusted property developer in Thailand and Asia in general, we ensure security and predictability. Investing with us is a safe, yet profitable way of placing your money.



• Chumphon is a hub between North and South Thailand with easy access to the islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.



• It is far from other “touristified” places in Thailand. In Chumphon you can experience the real untouched Thailand – a nice and quiet environment, with yet so much to offer!



• Easy access to airport, train and ferry located only 15 minutes from our project.



• Chumphon Airport has recently been approved for a massive upgrade to the runway, parking, and passenger terminals to accommodate the future growth that the Thai Government is bringing to Chumphon.




The neighborhood



The area is well served with numerous private hospitals of a high standard, along with a great selection of both
restaurants and shops. Big C, Lotus, Home Mart, Macro, Ocean Shopping Mall, Night Market, Night Plaza and many others, have major outlets here. 




The nature makes for a great playground for a number of activities, such as bicycling, trekking, bird watching, kayaking or diving, just to mention some!






5 minutes from the new ferry to Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui;
• 10 minutes from the airport which is under further development.
• 12 minutes from the town of Pathio and train station.
• New road construction with separate bicycle paths throughout the area.
• Exciting coastline with caves and small unique beaches.
• Fish Harbor and grotto temple nearest neighbor.







Chumphon City is located 440 km from Bangkok and Chumphon airport is only a 10 minutes’ drive from Coral Beach Chumphon.



• There are 3 flights daily from Bangkok. One morning, one afternoon and one evening flight. It takes 1 hour to
fly from Bangkok to Chumphon airport.
• For those who want to try the “Orient Express” there are several trains every day and our project is only a short distance from the train station.
• There are three buses daily from Bangkok to Chumphon. Travel time is approximately 8 hours.
• Driving time from Bangkok is around 6 hours on motorways.




This post is a joint marketing effort of British & Far East Traders and New Nordic Group. British & Far East Traders is an international marketing partner for New Nordic Group. Research & Report provided by New Nordic Research Group. 

For inquiries, email us at britishfareasttraders2019@gmail.com



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