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Hey Foodie!


We follow Attorney Brynn as he keeps us entertained with his gastronomic adventures. Watch out those calories man...

Chill night wid Doc Jae 🍷 Home-made T-bone steak 🍖

Posting just for the love of LOBSTER 😛🍤🍤🍴🍸

Dencios Capitol Hills with the boys 🥃 knackered but was worth the drinking & all. #AlcoholicVeins #LiquorIsLife 😅🍻

Leisurely breakfast before Manila Lawyering starts 😋🍉🧀 #continentalbreakfast

Great day, aye? Cheers 🍻

Is it any good? Sweet & Savory Lamb Meat 🍖🍹 Extra Fine Cut 😋

Grapes, Cheese, Wine. Old English Snack 🍒🍇🍎🍷🧀

Le Monet Breakfast is lovely 💚😋 Camp John Hay

Lovely Home-cooked Filipino dishes in Kamayan sa Kainyugan, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

Food Adventure Continues ☕️🧆 at Tsokolateria, Igorot Stairs, Baguio City

Today marks the start of our buffet hopping, Baguio City 🥩🍺 ✅ Elements Buffet @ Newtown Plaza Hotel

Food-guided travel is always a good thing  Kubli Bistro, The Good Food, Surfer’s Grill 

Sesame-spiced tuna with tempura flakes & kewpie dressing on teppan rice 😋🍣 — at Costa Pacifica Baler Aurora.

Aren’t we gonna start yet? 🍻😀 Cube Hotel for the weekend 🏕

Court of Appeals is starting to look like 🎄🙇🏻‍♂️ Lawyering wouldnt be complete without ☕️

Longdrive coffee please ☕️ — at Starbucks Coffee, Petron NLEX Marilao.

Hi there Attorney Erica 🥃🍺 Saturdays ❤️

Oh wow 🥯 What sorcery is this?

Ano ba hello! Umayos please 🥺🙄 #HelloChocolate

Ano ba hello! Umayos please 🥺🙄 #HelloChocolate

Do you know the secret to a good lechon? Yeah that’s right= SukaLami 🥩🍵 Tasty, Crispy, & Spicy Lechon 😋 at Rico's Lechon - U.P. Town Center.

Mediterranean & Greek Food  Lamb Stew is so sweet & tender  at Lemon and Olives, Baguio City, Philippines 

Tsokolateria @ Igorot Stairs Baguio is nice ☕️🍲

tsokolateria at igorot stairs baguio

Been a long day... much needed coffee break ☕️🥯 at Philippine Stock Exchange Tektite, Ortigas Centre.

Lets be walkers, shall we? 🥃

Quite a day: IBP Nueva Ecija 🤓😁 Ningnangan Dinner after jail lecture & all 🥬

No need to caption 🌶🍚lol...

Coffee always, Happy always ☕️😊 Vanilla 🎋 Avocado 🥑 Chocolate 🍫 Coconut 🥥

Bali is definitely a showcase of nature at its most glorious 🌳🇮🇩 Great Asian Holiday 🏝Erica

Noiiicceee.. No more queues and all. Just wait for it @ the convenience of your home 🍔🍕 Thanks ☺️ Thanks Doc Jae

Earthly coffee beans ☕️ see yah isabela 🏕

Starbucks Coffee Beans, 100% arabica coffee

Spicy toasted tofu 🌶 Nuff said

On a cold rainy day.. What else but hot & spicy korean noodles 🍜 and iced coffee ofcors 😜

hot and spicy korean noodles

Sagada & Benguet Coffee ☕🤤

brewed coffee, philippine coffee origins, artisan coffee


bagnet of ilocos, chili oil

Crispy Pork Belly 🥩 Chili & Garlic Oil 🌶

crispy pork belly, chili garlic oil

Rainy days 🌧.. No problem- Goto with lamang loob & tokwa 🍜 This chili oil is 😋🌶

Goto with lamang loob and tokwa

U Hotels Makati is cozy and nice 🏢 Staycation for the weekend 😜

Denlim's Kitchen 🥂🍝🥗🥩  Maharlika Street, San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

No wonder Bohol has gained global attention ⛰🏖🍹Its jungle life and beach life are just wonderful 💚 With Erica Marie

Tranquility & Luxury @ Panglao Bohol 💚

Sea you where the sun sets 🏝🌅 Beach Club Grounds with Erica 🍺

Home-cooked Rib-Eye Steak 🥩💖 Erica Exquisite box of fruits, cheese, & cold cuts 😋 A simple yet bloody good valentines ey!

Cant be bothered going too early for the MCLE 😜 First things first, good breakfast with this super aromatic coffee ☕🥘

breakfast in aloha hotel

A bit of sun & a bit of drizzle- best weather to enjoy this lovely city 😃 Cebu City, Philippines

Forest Lodge is scenic and natury 🏡 Baguio is lovely as always 💚 Costant Travelling with Erica Marie!

Surrender does not always mean defeat 🤓 Bataan symbolizes freedom's triumph over foreign agression 🇵🇭 Day off to do a bit of history with Erica Marie 📚

Food. Tour. Nature 🍔🚜🌿 So much to see & so much Boracay has to offer 😊

BORACAY is gorgeous as ever 🤩 Deffo a pride of the Philippine West Coast! Island Travel with Debe De 🏖 Lawyering day-off 🚣‍♂️😎

Lovely Hotel bcoz the same is beside Cafe Cubana & Filling Station in Makati #PalaceHotel 🤗😋 Nagstaycation na, hindi na naglawyering 😂

filipino and continental breakfast makati

HOME food prepared by Dr Jae 🍖🍌 #foodie #isabela

crispy pata and fried banana served with dipping soy sauce

Alright then! Let tonight's movie marathon commence 💻🥩

Home Barbeque 🥓🥩 Wine and meat to highlight the night 🍹🍷

Work, chill, eat on a 35°C sunday afternoon 🤓

Travel & Work.. 🚘💼 Lawyering somewhere nice 🤗

Seldom do they realize that food is the secret to happiness 😂🥩🥓

Hi Pacific Ocean, how'd u do? 😛🏖

🍱☕️ #TheBellevue #Manila

⛰🏖🏝 Drive, Beach, Work & Dine ofcourse ✅


Wolfgang doesn't eat for the sake of Instagram. Say no more lol...

Thank You...

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