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Thailand’s Number One Tourist Destination


Tourism statistics for 2018 where just recently published: the international arrivals grew again with almost 11% total-
ing to 34.43 million visitors coming to Thailand. A big part of this success is because of the popularity of Phuket.



New Nordic is developing 35,000 m2 of prime land located in Bang Tao into an upscale Water World. This is one of
the unique concepts in the New Nordic portfolio, especially customized for families to enjoy a vacation on paradise
island. Nine kilometers of white sand coastline and blue water ocean are just 150 meters from your apartment.



Quiet enough for a romantic walk with your partner, busy enough to visit one of many tropical bars, souvenir shops,
massage salons and international restaurants. A shuttle bus will take you to the nightlife of Patong, only 20 minutes
from our location. Also, the airport is less than 30 minutes conveniently away from Bang Tao.



Right next door you will find Laguna Phuket. A high-end area with 5-star hotels, golf courses, galleries, top restaurants and entertainment. Bangtao is a destination for everyone, kids, couples and families will all find what they
are looking for in their unforgettable holiday.



In this catalogue, we outline opportunities to invest in a bright future. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or a personal appointment at the location. New Nordic is already represented by a 4-star hotel in Patong New Nordic Ratana Suites to host you on your visit today.



Thank you and hope to see you soon in Bang Tao, Phuket!




Project Manager, Phuket Water World





The kingdom of Thailand has been a popular travel destination for many years. The land of smiles is known for its glittering temples, fascinating architecture and long stretched tropical beaches – not to mention a friendly smile at every corner! To explore Thailand is an adventure, from the pulsating capital of Bangkok City to tracking the hills in Chiang Mai, it is impossible to get bored in Thailand!



Did You Know?



The Thai economy is driven by tourism and export.


In Thailand, there has been a long-term shift from agriculture to manufacturing and services, but as of 2017, about 32.8 percent of the workforce was still employed in agriculture, forestry, and fishing, although this sector is responsible for only 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). The economy is heavily dependent on export, such as textiles and computer components, which account for 60 percent of GDP.


• Thailand is often called “the land of always summer”. You know what to expect as the climate holds almost all year round. Warm air with blazing sun centering the clear blue sky, Thailand is the place to be.


• The country is famous for its hospitality. Thai people are known to be friendly with a big smile on their faces. Compassionate and supportive, they are always willing to assist, should you be needing any help.


• Inexpensive living. Thailand is one of the countries that is considered most inexpensive to live in. Food, transport, services and accommodations are all affordable, you could easily enjoy a full meal for less than $3. When compared to the United States, the cost of living is estimated to be 36 percent lower in Thailand.


• It is estimated that Thailand houses 10 percent of the world’s bird species




Spectacular nature, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue water awaits you in the largest island in all of Thailand. This fun, yet relaxing island makes for the perfect combination of white beaches, endless facilities, shops and activities, great cuisine and a variety of good accommodation alternatives. Also known as the Pearl of the South, no wonder this is Thailand’s most visited tourist destination! If it’s not enough, there are plenty of beautiful islands around, easily reachable by speed boat or longtail boats.



Bangtao Beach



Phuket Water World is located on the idyllic Bangtao Beach, only 30 minutes’ drive from Phuket International Airport with direct flights to many metropolitan cities in the world or a fast and convenient transfer from Bangkok airport. The area is unique in the way that it makes up a secluded community with quiet beaches and family friendly areas. It is also
close to the Laguna project and its par-71 golf courses.



Only 20 minutes’ drive from the development you find Patong Beach. This area makes up the busy hub of Phuket with a wide range of restaurants and bars, a vibrant night life and fun activities such as diving and day trips to the exotic islands for the whole family. It is also a great starting point to explore other areas of the island.



• 20 km to Shopping Mall
• 21 km to Phuket International Airport
• 150 meters to Bangtao Beach
• 18 km to Patong City
• 30 km to Karon View Point
• 15 km from IKEA




New Nordic Group is a fast-growing company and we believe that opening up projects in all the main parts of Thailand will help our customers to easily travel across the country with us. Phuket Water World is a particularly big project with a good variety of condominiums. As the land is close to the ocean the units will have an easy access to beautiful Bangtao Beach. At the heart of the project there will also be a grand swimming pool area with slides and areas for the whole family to play and relax.



Phuket Water World consists of a landscape of swimming pools that meander through the whole resort, all connected
to each other. It is a great venture for families with children as they can play in the pools with the newest attractions
available. The Water World is a safe environment and assures a great day in the resort. Guests can also enjoy a good meal and drinks at various places around the pools.



Following the same quality and brand essence as our other Water World’s, the rooms provide the perfect combination of fresh design and smart solutions. The interior is inspired by the ocean, making it a crisp, light and welcoming atmosphere.



The family resort is within easy reach of a wealth of the islands culture with local markets, bustling beach clubs,
beautiful nature and white sand beaches. A safe and secure investment option for the smarter investor!



Phuket Sales Office



Our sales office in Phuket is open and our helpful staff can answer any questions you might have about the project.
Our office is located on the land of the project.





You are welcome to visit our showroom situated in our Phuket Sales Office.


Wake up in a bright and inviting room at our Phuket Water World. The fresh interior, heavily inspired by water and the ocean, makes for a calm and relaxing ambiance. The tasteful and practically furnished rooms are spacious, yet easy to clean and keep tidy. The rooms come in a vast amount of different investment options to better meet your requirements and make sure you will find a home at Phuket Water World.





Our Phuket Water World studios are carefully designed with practical solutions to make the most out of the space. The heart of the room is the big comfortable bed in front of the television. All our studios have a kitchenette as well as a cozy balcony to enjoy the comfortable Thai climate from your very own home.



One bedroom


Our Phuket Water World one bedrooms provide the perfect combination of modern design and secure comfort. The furniture is hand-picked for creating practical solutions and taking great use of all available space. The spacious
balcony is perfect for your morning coffee with a view.



Two bedrooms


Our Water World two bedrooms are modern and spacious apartments. They are light and trendy with hand-picked furniture and decoration making them stylish and up to date. The apartments all have a great kitchen area with modern equipment, perfect for making breakfast for the family to enjoy on the balcony. The beds are the heart of the bedrooms
with a TV and lots of cabinets. The bathrooms are modern, with a bathtub and shower. 








Flying to this beautiful island is definitely the easiest way of getting there. Most domestic airlines offer several flights
daily between Phuket, as well as Bangkok, Koh Samui and Chang Mai. If you are traveling through international airlines, there are numerous agencies that fly directly to Phuket from cities around Europe, Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur.







Buses leaving Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal to Phuket travels several times a day. If you are traveling by bus, you
must consider that it will take you around 10-13 hours all together. For more information about the trip itself you can contact our travel agency, the Asia Specialist.






Taxis between the town of Phuket and to the airport will normally cost you around 400 THB. Still the prices can vary depending on where you are traveling from and how many people you are. The prices will most likely stay inside a range from 600 THB to 1000 THB.







Phuket International Airport is the second busiest airport in all of Thailand. Every year millions of passengers come
to visit Phuket for its wide range of attractions, world famous beaches and good service. In September of this year a brand-new terminal opened with the aim of doubling the airports capacity and making it even easier to travel here. The airport is now servicing 46 airlines that connect Phuket to more than 37 different destinations. Located in the southern part of Thailand, Phuket truly is a paradise for both local and international explorers.





During the whole year Phuket keeps its bright sun shining, still there are periods with more sun than others and of
course, the rainy season. Around the beginning of March until the beginning of May is considered the hot season,
where the climate is exceptionally dry, and the sun is very hot. Between May and October is a very nice time to
travel, but the bad weather starts to show itself during this time and leading up to the rainy season. The months just
before and after December is considered the high season and it’s when the most tourists are traveling to Phuket to
enjoy the sun.







Tuk-tuks can be found all over Phuket, although they tend to be clustered in large numbers around Patong. Tuk-tuks
are small red vans that can carry about five passengers. They are 4-wheeled as opposed to the 3-wheeled version
found in Bangkok.








Despite the big rise in tourism, Banana Beach is still one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The water is
exceptionally clean, clear and perfect for swimming. The beach is also known for its different rock formations surrounding the area and it’s often referred to as the Banana Rock Beach.







This beautiful beach is never as crowded as the most popular beach destinations in Phuket, so here you can come
to enjoy some proper relaxation without being surrounded by other people. This beach also offers chairs, as well as
drink vendors selling everything from a cold beer to a fresh coconut.







Even though Freedom Beach is the least accessible beach in Phuket, many travellers say it is the best one in the
area. Unless you are willing to fight through thick jungle, the beach is only accessible by boat. Since it’s harder to
reach, it will also be fewer tourists here, and as the name suggests: more freedom.







With the entire beach being surrounded by casurina trees, the Nai Thon Beach is well worth the visit. Offering some
of the finest sand in all of Phuket, here you can relax like no other and swim through clear blue water. They say the
beach is made up of golden sand that almost squeaks as you’re walking over it.







The Red Mountain has fast become labeled one of Asia’s top courses since it opened in 2007. Twisting its way
through the rugged landscape of an old tin mine, this course offers an exciting variety of play to match the stunning variety of nature.





This is a popular choice with both residents and visitors due to its charming course and central location, conveniently located a short drive from Phuket Town and Patong Beach. This 18-hole, par 72 course offers a relaxing and refreshing 6,555-yard round which offers opportunities for beginners, intermediates and professionals alike to test their skill.







Blue Canyon Country Club has been rated as one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Asia, with two stunning,
award-winning championship courses on its 700+ acres of succulent valley seamlessly winding its way through rubber
plantations and tin mines.





Laguna Phuket Golf Club has won a string of awards for its resort facilities, club house and golf course. It went through
a major renovation for 2 years; Laguna Phuket Golf Club reopened its renewed 18 holes on the 1st of January 2015.
Now you have the option to walk the course or rent a golf cart.





For the third year in a row Bangkok was named the most popular city for international tourists in 2018 surpassing even the bustling cities of London and Paris. Bangkok has more than 22.9 million tourists annually.



• Situated in the heart of Asia, Thailand enjoys convenient and beneficial trading opportunities with India, China and the members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This helps Thailand expand its business ties, grow an economy and provide better investment opportunities.



• Foreign direct investment plays a major role in Thailand’s economic development and is beneficial for both the government and investors. Investments done in the fields of skill development, technology and innovation enjoy active backing by government and liberalization.



Thailand’s real estate market is one of Asia’s most popular for foreign investors. Buyers and renters from all over the world have become part of the housing sector whether they are working as an expat or are one of the many thousands of foreign retirees living in Thailand.



• With the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), Thailand hopes to develop its eastern provinces into a leading
ASEAN economic zone. The EEC straddles three eastern provinces of Thailand – Chonburi, Rayong, and Chachoengsao – off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand and spans a total of 13,285 sq km. The government hopes to complete the EEC by 2021, turning these provinces into a hub for technological manufacturing and services with strong connectivity to
its ASEAN neighbors by land, sea and air.












Phuket Water World is located at Bangtao Beach, the largest lagoon of Phuket with 9 kilometres of white sandy beach and crystal-clear blue water; the perfect year-round holiday destination.



• The location of our project is superb; only 30 minutes from the international airport and next to Laguna, a 165-hectare high end development with 5-star hotels and golf courses.



• Less than a kilometre away is Boat Avenue; a quality shopping mall with Villa Market, exclusive restaurants,
galleries and fashion shops.



• It is recently announced that Central Group, the number one shopping mall developer of Thailand, will open a luxury Shopping Plaza at the end of our street. Next to this Blue Tree, a major tourist attraction for families, will open its doors just a few minutes away from our resort.



• Last but not least it is important to know that NewNordic Management will take care of the Water World Project ourselves. This means professional hotel management will take care of guests but will also take care of the units you have invested in. We guarantee to keep the high quality of the construction and equipment at top level, also after many years of hotel operation.




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