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Last Updated on: 9th November 2023, 11:20 am

VINTAGE 800 European Silver ITALIAN Cameo Set of Earrings & Brooch/Pendant

Brooch/pendant: approx 3/4 inch x 7/8 inch
Earrings: approx. 1/2 inch x 7/8 inch
Brooch/ pendant: approx. 4g
Earrings: approx. 6g
Maker’s mark: 800 silver hallmark. Comes in the original ewellery box with text that reads: 
Donadio Cameos, Coral, Pearls, Jewelry manufactury.
Palazzo del Corallo, Portici
137-139 Santa Lucia, Naples
Notes/other details: clip-on earrings and the brooch doubles as a pendant. This is a vintage set of exquisite heirloom handcarved Italian soft shell cameo.
Exquisite vintage Italian cameo set, a treasure of refined elegance and timeless craftsmanship.
Enveloped in the whispers of history and the finesse of Italian craftsmanship, this vintage cameo set is a whisper of bygone elegance. It is an ensemble that speaks to the soul of the connoisseur with a discerning eye for time-honoured beauty.

Imagine the soft glow of candlelight flickering across the delicate contours of the cameo brooch. It rests gently against the fabric of a silk gown, the image of the graceful woman in profile as timeless as the style it accompanies. It’s a piece that doesn’t clamour for attention, but rather, garners admiration through its understated presence.

The earrings, with their clip-on design, offer a gentle embrace to the wearer’s lobes, a perfect complement to the subtle symphony of the brooch. They carry the weight of tradition yet sit lightly, a testament to the era when jewelry was both an adornment and a statement of grace.

The 800 silver hallmark sings a tale of authenticity and heritage, a silver alloy once chosen by the hands of skilled artisans who understood the balance of luxury and longevity. And when nestled in its original jewelry box, with inscriptions telling of the Donadio lineage in Naples, this cameo set is not just acquired; it is inherited, a storied treasure passed through the hands of time.

In the possession of the connoisseur, such pieces are more than decorative; they are a silent dialogue with the past, an intimate dance with sophistication. They whisper stories of Italian soirées, of gentle nods in candle-lit salons, where every piece of jewelry tells a story and every wearer becomes part of its legend.
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