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Last Updated on: 24th November 2023, 10:54 pm

Vintage EPNS Brass Engraved Mini CHRISTMAS Goblet 6 in a BURGUNDY VELVET Box

Height: each goblet is approx. 2 7/8 inches tall
Diameter: 1 3/4 inches
Presentation box: 7 5/8 inches x 7 3/4 inches x 2 3/8 inches
Goblet: 70 g
Total weight including presentation box: approx. 82g
Maker’s Marks: EPNS, no other marks noted
Notes / other details: intricate Christmas wreath and florals theme engraving on the body of each goblet luxuriously nested in an opulent burgundy velvet box with brass closures
Within the soft, sumptuous folds of a burgundy velvet case lies a set of six EPNS brass mini goblets, each a small marvel of craftsmanship. Their surfaces, intricately engraved with wreaths and florals, reflect the warm, flickering lights of the holiday season, evoking the rich tapestry of Christmas traditions.

Standing at a genteel 2 7/8 inches, these goblets offer a delicate elegance to the discerning collector. The weight of each—70 grams—confirms their quality, a reassuring heft that promises they are as enduring as the cherished memories they are sure to help create. Together, cradled in their plush velvet home, they are a collective masterpiece, the total ensemble weighing approximately 82 grams.

The brass closures of the presentation box are not merely functional; they are a nod to a bygone era of craftsmanship, a detail that connoisseurs will appreciate. Unmarked beyond the EPNS seal, these goblets possess an air of mystery, a blank canvas of provenance that invites speculation and storytelling among those who value such pieces.

As the holiday season unfurls, these goblets are not simply vessels for festive libations. They are the keepers of conviviality, the silent witnesses to the season’s joy. In their reflective surfaces, one can almost see the ghosts of Christmas past, the laughter of yuletide gatherings, and the quiet moments of reflection that mark the end of the year.

To the collector, these goblets represent more than an addition to a treasury of items; they are an investment in the aesthetics of the season, an embodiment of the holiday’s warmth and spirit. Luxuriously nested within their velvet confines, they await the moment to shine, to be part of the holiday’s magic, to toast to health, happiness, and the timeless beauty of tradition.
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