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Last Updated on: 5th October 2023, 08:00 am


Measurements: 148mm x 105mm
Maker: UK printers
Paper: 350 gsm Silk Board
Text: N/A
Additional Notes: Japanese schoolboys of the 1940s 1950s posing for a photo. Colourised print from a black & white vintage photo.
Sale Notes: The for sale version on this listing is the colourised print postcard with blank back. The original photograph is for sale on another separate listing. 

🌸 Relive the Resilience of Post-War Japan: 1940s/50s Japanese Schoolboys Colourised Postcard Print 🇯🇵

🌹 Why This Isn’t Just a Postcard, But a Soulful Resonance 🌹

In the aftermath of a war that shook the world and reshaped nations, the smiles of these Japanese schoolboys captured in the 1940s/50s aren’t just grins—they are symbols of resilience, hope, and the indomitable spirit of a generation rising from the ashes. This colourised postcard print is more than a snapshot; it’s a tribute to the enduring soul of Japan.

🌸 Dimensions & Craftsmanship 🌸

  • Measurements: 148mm x 105mm
  • Paper: Premium 350 gsm Silk Board, imbuing each print with a tactile quality that echoes its emotional weight.

🖼️ The Transformation from Monochrome to Living Colour 🖼️

Originally captured in black and white, this vintage photograph has been thoughtfully colourised to breathe life back into a bygone era. The colour adds emotional depth, transforming the schoolboys from mere subjects into storytellers, each hue narrating a tale of post-war Japan.

🎌 A Slice of Japanese Heritage, Printed in the UK 🎌

Expertly printed in the UK, this postcard is a fusion of Japanese history and British craftsmanship. The 350 gsm Silk Board lends a luxurious feel that dignifies its historical significance.

🌾 The Unsung Heroes of a Rebuilding Nation 🌾

These young faces represent the first generation to grow up in a Japan reconstructing its identity. They could be the sons of farmers who fed a nation, or the children of artisans who rebuilt ancient temples. These smiles are the smiles of a Japan that refused to be defined by its past but used it as a stepping stone towards a brighter future.

🎁 A Gift of Empathy and History 🎁

This isn’t just a gift; it’s an experience. Perfect for those who treasure the poignant moments of history, this postcard print serves as a touching tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.

🍵 A Moment for Reflection and Connection 🍵

Place this colourised postcard print in a space where it can be admired and contemplated. Let it serve as a bridge between generations, a conversation starter that invites young and old to share stories, wisdom, and perhaps even a cup of traditional Japanese tea.

🛒 Preserve a Moment, Cherish a Legacy 🛒

Such a deeply emotive piece deserves a place in your home or collection. Click “Buy It Now” to ensure that this powerful echo from the past graces your present.

🌸 Own a Testament to Resilience. Click ‘Buy It Now’ and Make this Captivating Piece of History Yours Today. 🌸

This is more than a purchase; it’s an act of remembrance, a nod to the resilience that shapes both a people and a nation. Don’t miss your chance to own this touching tribute to the indomitable spirit of post-war Japan. 🌟

Comparison photo of the original vintage photograph vs the colourised photograph.
Original wallet photograph 
Back of the photograph with Japanese characters.

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