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Antique VICTORIAN Windsor Art Ware GIBSONS England Rose Bowl/Vase

Height: approx. 4 3/4 inches tall
Circumference: 19 1/2 inches at its widest
Weight: approx. 524 g
Maker’s Marks: Gibsons England, Windsor Art Ware, Gibsons and Sons Ltd. , Burslem, England. Registered No. 647056
Notes / other details: A beautiful Victorian Rose bowl with lid. Motif includes lovely pink roses, pendants, chains, and garlands. It evokes the venue of a high society gathering where exaggerated chains, garlands, earrings, and all sort of fancy fashion and decor are present. 
Immerse yourself in the opulent splendour of a bygone epoch with the Antique VICTORIAN Windsor Art Ware Gibson’s England Rose Bowl. This piece is not simply a container but a relic steeped in the finesse and grandiose charm that characterised the zenith of the Victorian period. Envision this bowl as it might have once sat, gracing the tables of aristocracy, each painstakingly applied detail a silent testament to the era’s infatuation with complexity and refinement.

Standing at an elegant 4 3/4 inches and measuring a full 19 1/2 inches around, its significant heft of approximately 524 g is indicative of both its physical and historical gravitas. Forged with painstaking precision by the master craftsmen of Gibsons and Sons Ltd., this piece is a progeny of Burslem, England’s celebrated pottery haven. The registered number 647056 is not just a mark; it is a seal of its noble provenance and an assurance of the Gibson’s storied legacy.

Adorned with a procession of genteel pink roses, tenderly brushed against a canvas of gold-trimmed pendants, chains, and garlands, each nuance of the bowl’s design is a whisper from an age rich in ornamental flair. It calls to mind the ambient flicker of candlelight reflecting off silverware and crystal, the soft cadences of cultured conversation enveloping the air.

In the days of its prime, this rose bowl served as a cornerstone of genteel hospitality, offering a fragrant cradle for potpourri that would waft through stately drawing rooms or presenting a regal enclosure for the very blooms it depicts. Its relevance endures, whether it assumes its ancestral role or simply captures gazes as an artifact of matchless beauty and pedigree.

To possess an artifact from Gibsons of Burslem is to hold a piece of artisanal legend. Nestled in England’s pottery heartland, each Gibsons creation is a living narrative, echoing the district’s renowned ceramic mastery.

For the collector, the connoisseur, the aficionado of the Victorian essence, this rose bowl is not just an antique—it is a bridge to the era it epitomises. It offers an invitation to infuse one’s abode with the same aura of Victorian grandiosity that was once the exclusive bastion of the elite.

This bowl, with its soft pink roses that once spoke in the nuanced tongue of floriography, embodies the demure yet profound communications of its day. It was an emblem of endearment and grace—a grace that the Victorian connoisseur revered, a grace that informed every choice and possession.

The discerning admirer will recognise in this piece the convergence of historic resonance, artistic finesse, and emblematic significance—a trinity that elevates it far above the ordinary. The Gibsons of Burslem heritage has bestowed upon it a distinguished air, ensuring that it is not merely an item of decoration but a chronicle of an epoch, a piece that once held a place of honour among the affluence and acumen of Victorian society.

Every rose, every gilt embellishment of this bowl is a homage to the artisan’s skill, a quiet ode to an age that celebrated elaborate aesthetic expression. It does not simply bear witness to its period; it speaks with its voice—a voice imbued with the grace and ceremony that were the hallmarks of a refined world.

The duality of this piece’s essence, as both an emblem of historical intrigue and a beacon of functionality, secures its position as a quintessential symbol of the cultural opulence that permeated the Victorian age—an opulence that to this day bewitches those who cherish the intricate dance of history and beauty.
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