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Last Updated on: 7th September 2023, 08:11 pm

ANTIQUE Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company S.S. MALOJA LETTERCARD



Approx. 5 7/8 inches x 3 7/8 (closed and folded)
Miss Lee Cornwall Jones
St. Helen’s School
Waterlow & Sons Limited, London, England
Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company
S.S. Maloja
  • P & O S.S. “MALOJA” 21,000 tons
  • Second class dining saloon
  • Second saloon music room
  • Portion of second saloon smoking room
  • Second saloon verandah cafe
Monday, 4th April
My darling Lee,
I came on here last night about 18:45 pm and have an upper berth in a two berth cabin with a port hole, so you see I’m quite lucky.
I have met a man who was travelling with me on the “Otranto” two years ago and he is returning to the Sudan, on the Cathay 22nd July. I wonder if you will be on that boat too!
I had a ticket on the days mileage today but unfortunately I was one number out. I had 170 and it was 171. Still I hope perhaps to do better another day!
Well dear cheerio. I’ll soon be with you.
With fondest love and kisses. 
Your loving Mummy x

💌 Step into a Timeless Embrace with the P&O S.S. MALOJA Antique Lettercard 🚢


📜 A Mother’s Loving Whisper from the Past

As you unfold this antique lettercard, you’re not just revealing a piece of history but opening a gateway to a tender moment frozen in time. Picture a loving mother, on a voyage, seated in the grand saloon of the S.S. MALOJA, penning down words steeped in affection, love, and a longing for reunion. Each word a testimony to a mother’s love, reaching out across miles and years to wrap her beloved Lee in a warm embrace.

🌟 A Kaleidoscope of Memories and Luxury

Behold images that echo with laughter, melodies, and animated conversations from a bygone era. The pictures transport you to the verandah café, where whispered secrets were shared over cups of freshly brewed tea, and to the second saloon music room, where joyous melodies once resonated. Each image invites you into a world of luxury and heartwarming memories, encapsulated in this little artifact.

💖 A Connection Transcending Time

Every handwritten word on this lettercard brings you closer to a time of deep connections and heartfelt correspondences. Feel the hopes, the small joys of a fortunate cabin allocation, and the playful speculation about future meetings coming alive as you read through the loving lines penned with utmost affection. The detailed narrative draws you into a moment where time stood still, awaiting the tender reunion of a mother and her darling child.

🎁 Your Window to a Precious Past

Peek into the life of young Lee Cornwall Jones, imagining the surge of joy, the fluttering heart, and the loving smile as she read the words from her loving mummy. You hold not just a lettercard but a beacon of timeless love, a witness to the precious bond that defied distances and stood steadfast, carried over the waves aboard the magnificent S.S. MALOJA.

💫 Become a Guardian of Love and History

As you hold this lettercard, measuring approximately 5 7/8 x 3 7/8 inches when closed and folded, you become a guardian of a cherished memory, a protector of an age-old love story. “Buy It Now” and preserve this beautiful fragment of history, passing on a tale of love, adventure, and the grandeur of the S.S. MALOJA to future generations.

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