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Last Updated on: 4th November 2023, 08:52 am

ANTIQUE 1934 Sailor Boy A. Kratzer Photography DRESDEN Germany RPPC POSTCARD

Measurements: approx. 3 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches
Maker: N/A
Paper: postcard
Text: Photography A. Kratzer, Dresden-A., Rosenstraße 48
Additional Notes: Penned handwritten message in German. 
Stamps and postmarks: 5 Deutsches Reich green stamp. Postmarks Dresden 5-2-34 15-16
Addressee: Fraulein Margarete Schonert, Dresden-Loschwitz, Körnerweg 10, Germany
Sale Notes: Only the original postcard is for sale. The enhanced and colourised images are for your appreciation only. 
This evocative postcard, with its monochrome palette, transports us to a bygone era where the purity of childhood is elegantly captured by the lens of A. Kratzer, a photographer based in the historical heart of Dresden. The photograph presents a young boy, perched with an air of gentle formality that belies his tender years. He is dressed in a sailor suit, a sartorial nod to the maritime traditions that have long influenced European children’s wear, symbolising both innocence and a readiness for life’s voyages.

The boy’s features, serene and sculpted, are emblematic of the grace and stillness of the period. His eyes hold a story, a reflection of the times he belongs to—a narrative veiled in simplicity yet rich with the German heritage that surrounds him.

Crafted on postcard paper, this piece is not merely a photograph but a historical document. The details penned in German on its reverse side, the green Deutsches Reich stamp, and the precise postmarks from Dresden, dated the 5th of February 1934, provide authenticity to its origin. They hint at the daily lives intertwined with these objects—of Fraulein Margarete Schonert, the intended recipient, whose hands once held this slice of history.

For collectors, history enthusiasts, or connoisseurs of vintage photography, this postcard is not just an artifact; it’s a silent testimony to the cultural fabric of 1930s Germany. Owning this postcard is like holding a moment of time, delicate and enduring—a glimpse into the innocence of childhood and the rich tapestry of German history.
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Original scanned image 

Enhanced image 
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