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Last Updated on: 25th October 2023, 06:42 am

ANTIQUE 1910 Edwardian LONDON 3 Latimer Road W11 England PHOTO / Cabinet Card

Measurements: approx. 5 inches x 4 inches
Maker: N/A
Paper: Original photograph
Text: N/A
Additional Notes: Pencilled handwriting at the back reads “Mrs Mavies, 3 Latimer Road, W11”. Earlier encounters with similar images suggests the person mentioned here is Mrs. Annie Newell Mavies.
Sale Notes: Only the original photograph is for sale. The enhanced and colourised images are for your appreciation only. 

This “ANTIQUE 1910 Edwardian LONDON 3 Latimer Road W11 England PHOTO / Cabinet Card” is much more than a simple photographic representation; it’s a portal into the bygone era of Edwardian London, enveloping viewers in its rich tapestry of life.

The image, with its timeless sepia hue, captures a moment frozen in time on a typical London street. The architectural nuances of the building—its aged brick facade, the classic window panes—offer a poignant reminder of Edwardian craftsmanship and urban design. The barren tree, perhaps shedding its leaves in anticipation of winter, stands as a silent witness to the countless stories that have unfolded on this very street.

The group, meticulously assembled in the courtyard, paints a narrative of family, camaraderie, and the daily lives of London’s denizens. The women, undoubtedly the focal point of the image, are dressed in the quintessential Edwardian fashion. Their attire, complete with detailed lace work, high collars, and the telltale silhouette of the time, exudes an air of subdued elegance and grace. The voluminous nature of their skirts, the ornate designs on their blouses, and the understated jewelry whisper tales of an era where style met substance in harmonious unison.

The men, on the other hand, bring a stately charm. Their crisp waistcoats, meticulously maintained facial hair, and the casual tilt of a hat showcase the quintessential Edwardian gentleman—a blend of poise and casual affability.

But beyond the image’s aesthetic allure lies a deeper tale, penned in delicate pencil strokes on the photograph’s back. The inscription “Mrs Mavies, 3 Latimer Road, W11” unveils a personal dimension. The possibility that this might be Mrs. Annie Newell Mavies adds layers of intrigue. Who was she? What stories, dreams, and hopes did she harbor within the walls of 3 Latimer Road?

It’s worth noting for potential collectors that while the original, untouched photograph is available for acquisition, the colourised versions are solely for visual appreciation, allowing us to see the Edwardian era through a modern lens.

In essence, this cabinet card is not just a piece of antiquity. It’s an invitation to journey through time, to walk the cobbled streets of Edwardian London, and to weave stories of a world where every brick, every lace, and every gaze held meaning.

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Original scanned image 

Enhanced image 
Colourised image

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