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ANTIQUE The Life of A Soldier VICTORIAN Sheet Music Cover Lithograph Print

Measurements: 10 1/4 inches x 14 1/4 inches
Brand/ Business: London Leoni Lee & Coxhead Music Sellers to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, 48 Albemarle St. 
Publication: n/a
Other details: M&N Hanhart Lith. Printers, other texts not legible
Notes: Victorian England sheet music cover image in original lithograph print
Text: The Life of a Soldier. Composed and arranged for the Piano Forte by Chas. W. Glover.
Scenes: The plough-boy, The Recruit, Foreign Service, Snug Quarters in Chelsea Hospital, Duke of Marlborough: Crecy, Poictiers, Agincourt, Blenheim, Quebec, Seringapatam, Egypt, Sobraon, Duke of Wellingotn: Assaye, Virmiera, Talavera, Badajos, Albuera, Salamanca, Vittoria, Waterloo, The Bivouac, The Battle, Returned Home
The “Life of a Soldier” Victorian sheet music cover lithograph is a tapestry of storytelling that speaks volumes to enthusiasts of the era, music historians, and collectors. Each square is a vignette, rich with historical detail and narrative depth, inviting an intimate view into the soldier’s journey through the eyes of Victorian society.

The Victorian period was an era of contrasts, with industrial progress and empire on one hand, and social inequality and classical traditions on the other. Music played a pivotal role in the cultural life of the time, serving as both entertainment and as a medium for expressing and shaping public opinion. Sheet music, such as the one composed by Chas. W. Glover, was a popular form of dissemination, with households often gathering around the piano to perform and listen.

The detailed imagery of the lithograph, produced by renowned printers M&N Hanhart, is more than mere decoration—it’s a chronicle of the epoch, celebrating the heroism of the soldier while also hinting at the cost of war. It acknowledges the gravity of battle, the nobility of service, and the often-overlooked aftermath of war, encapsulated in the solemn scene, “Returned Home.”

Furthermore, the depiction of legendary battles associated with the Duke of Marlborough and the Duke of Wellington, with their victories at Blenheim and Waterloo, respectively, serves as a connection to the glorified military past, revered by Victorian society. It reflects a culture that esteemed historical military success as a cornerstone of its identity.

For collectors and connoisseurs, this lithograph offers a chance to own a piece of that reverence. It’s not just an artifact; it’s a tribute to the romanticised vision of the soldier’s life in Victorian England. This piece would be a conversation starter, a centerpiece in a collection, or a treasured heirloom to be passed down through generations.

For music historians, the sheet music cover is a tangible link to the past, representing the intersection of music, art, and social history. It’s a testament to the enduring power of music to capture and convey the spirit of an age.

In seeking such historical gems, one might delve into the archives of museums or the collections of antique music sellers, where the stories behind these pieces are preserved. The print stands as a symbol of Victorian England’s rich tapestry of history, art, and music, evoking a sense of nostalgia and admiration for the bygone era.
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The Plough-boy
The Recruit
Foreign Service
Duke of Marlborough
Snug Quarters in Chelsea Hospital
Duke of Wellington
The Bivouac
The Battle


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