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Last Updated on: 29th January 2024, 06:07 pm

Caughley Blue & White Porcelain The Iron Bridge Gorge Museum Telford UK Postcard

Dimensions: approx. 6 3/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches
Brand / Business: The Iron Bridge Gorge Museum
Makers/ Manufacturers: Infocus Photography/ SP Publishing Ltd
Photo: n/a
Additional Notes: A selection of Caughley blue and white porcelain 1772-1814. The Caughley Works were established in 1772 downstream from the present Coalport China Museum. Caughley set out to emulate the porcelains then being imported from China and very much in favour in this country. The bowl in the centre features a view of the Iron Bridge and was produced shortly after its completion in 1781. Photographed in the kitchen of Rosehill, a restored early 19th century ironmaster’s house.

The Caughley Blue & White Porcelain postcard, with its beautifully arranged tableau of heritage pieces, is an evocative reminder of the rich history of porcelain artistry. This particular selection, originating from the era spanning 1772 to 1814, represents a time when British porcelain was in the throes of a renaissance, seeking to capture the delicate beauty of Chinese imports that were greatly coveted across Europe.

The Caughley Works, established in the serene English countryside and now part of the narrative at The Iron Bridge Gorge Museum in Telford, set a precedent in porcelain artistry. Here, artisans honed their craft, producing pieces that were not only utilitarian but also veritable works of art that easily rivaled the splendor of their Eastern counterparts.

In the center of this assembly sits a bowl adorned with a view of the Iron Bridge, a scene captured shortly after the bridge’s historic completion in 1781. This image is not merely a decorative motif; it is a visual chronicle of industrial progression, a celebration of innovation and artistry intertwined.

The kitchen of Rosehill, a meticulously restored early 19th-century ironmaster’s house, provides a fitting backdrop for these pieces, accentuating their historical significance and the domestic elegance they were intended to complement. The postcard, measuring approximately 6 3/4 inches by 4 3/4 inches, is more than a visual keepsake; it’s a historical document that captures the essence of an era where the fine lines of art and functionality met.

For collectors, connoisseurs, and lovers of vintage porcelain, this postcard is a tangible connection to a storied past, where every brush stroke on porcelain spoke of prestige and every piece narrated the tale of its maker’s ambition. It’s an invitation to delve into the narrative of Caughley porcelain, to appreciate the finesse of patterns that have withstood the test of time, and to cherish the legacy of a craft that continues to enchant to this day.

Holding this postcard is like touching a fragment of history, a reminder of the Iron Bridge that stood as a beacon of industrial advancement, and of the Caughley Works, where the echoes of the kilns and the artists’ meticulous hands are still felt. It’s an homage to the heritage that these porcelain pieces represent, a heritage that is as enduring as the Iron Bridge itself.

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