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Last Updated on: 27th August 2023, 03:41 pm



Metallised GOLD GRID details




Dimensions: 42 inches x 45 inches
Brand: N/A
Materials: N/A
Country of Manufacture: N/A
Garment Care: N/A
Colour Palette: lilac, peach, greens, reds, and gold
Notes / Other Details:
Bold summer flowers with colour pallette of lilac, peach, red and green on a ground of rich red accented with a grid of metallised golden fibre. 
Condition description:
Tangled fringe and big hole on 1 corner of the scarf. Please check our images.
🌼🌞 Step into a Timeless Tale: VINTAGE Bold SUMMER FLORALS Square Scarf 🌼🌞
🌟 Once Upon a Summer: 🌟
Imagine a sun-drenched garden, vibrant and alive with the colours of summer. The air carries the gentle fragrance of blooming flowers, and the world seems to pause in the embrace of nature’s beauty. It’s within this enchanting scene that the VINTAGE Bold SUMMER FLORALS Square Scarf found its origin.
🌷 An Ode to Elegance: 🌷
Crafted with meticulous care, this scarf captures an era when attention to detail and artistic expression were paramount. It’s a piece that echoes forgotten conversations and graceful gatherings, a relic from a time when scarves were cherished as symbols of a sophisticated lifestyle.
🌸 A Symphony of Colours: 🌸
As your fingers trace the fabric, you’ll find yourself immersed in a symphony of hues. The lilac petals promise serenity, while the peach blooms evoke playfulness. Greens paint a picture of nature’s vitality, and reds ignite a passion within. The soft shimmer of gold adds a touch of magic to the palette, infusing each flower with an ethereal glow.
✨ A Glimpse of Luxury: ✨
Just as sunlight dances upon water, a delicate grid of metallised gold fibers weaves its way through the scarf, bestowing an aura of opulence. It’s as if a sprinkle of stardust has graced this piece, making it a treasure that transcends time.
🌿 Tales of a Journey: 🌿
But life’s beauty is not without its bittersweet chapters. In a corner, a tangle of fringes tells stories of playful breezes and carefree twirls. And there, a larger hole reveals a moment of vulnerability, a testament to a scarf that has been loved and cherished throughout its existence.
🔮 Embrace the Narrative: 🔮
Hold it close, and you hold a piece of history. A history that’s not just about fabric and threads, but about moments lived, dreams pursued, and memories woven. It’s an invitation to add your own chapter, to continue the story of this scarf in your own unique way.
🛍️ Your Chance to Own a Story: 🛍️
As you make the choice to bring the VINTAGE Bold SUMMER FLORALS Square Scarf into your life, you’re not just acquiring an accessory. You’re embracing a narrative, stepping into a world of elegance and artistry. Each time you wear it, you continue the story, adding your essence to the tapestry of time.
🌟 Claim Your Piece of History. 🌟
Let the VINTAGE Bold SUMMER FLORALS Square Scarf become a part of your journey, an emblem of your style, and a testimony to your appreciation for the beauty of the past. With every graceful drape, you become a living embodiment of its story. 🌼🌞🌷

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