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Last Updated on: 14th February 2024, 07:39 am

VINTAGE Ibiscus Ceramics Rhodes GREECE Handmade in 24K GOLD Decorative Plate

Diameter: 10 inches
Weight: 530 g
Maker’s Marks: Handmade in 24K Gold by Ibiscus Ceramics, Rhodes (Greece). Olympia Ceramica S.A stamp says dishwasher proof and microwave safe
Notes: intricate florals in earthy red, brown, and yellow colour palette with 24K accent details in cream ground
Other details: fitted with hanging wire at the back of the plate
The ornate plate from Ibiscus Ceramics of Rhodes, Greece, showcases a rich tapestry of history and craftsmanship. The intricate floral designs, embossed in radiant 24-karat gold, are not just mere decorations; they symbolise a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Rhodes has been historically recognised for its pottery and ceramics, with its artisans drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Mediterranean landscape and the deep hues of the Aegean Sea.

The floral patterns may reflect the Greek affinity for nature and beauty, often seen in their ancient art and philosophy. Gold, a symbol of wealth and status, accentuates the designs and speaks to the island’s historical significance as a site of cultural exchange and prosperity.

These plates are often more than just decorative items; they are storytellers, preserving a piece of Greek heritage. Each handcrafted detail is a testament to the skill of the artisans, a tradition passed down through generations, with Rhodes being a pivotal center for such artistry. The use of 24K gold in handmade crafts is a practice steeped in history, reflecting the Greek artisans’ commitment to excellence and luxury.

Collectors and connoisseurs who cherish the blend of history, art, and luxury will find such pieces particularly alluring. The designs often signify more than aesthetic appeal; they are a bridge to the past, an embodiment of the rich Greek legacy of art that has been revered since antiquity. The very act of creating such a plate is a celebration of cultural identity and an homage to the artisans’ forebears who crafted similar works with the same reverence for beauty and precision.
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