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Last Updated on: 21st February 2024, 07:01 pm

Vintage Clare ENGLAND Wild Floral Posy Gilt Coffee Pot

Height: approx. 7 3/4 inches
Circumference: approx. 13 inches
Weight: approx. 483g
Maker’s Marks: Clare Bone China, Made in England
Notes: tactile red flowers on body and lid (possibly enamel), opulent gilt details to handle, rim, foot, and edge. The beautiful wild floral posy details remind us of English countryside summers when all the wild flowers transform even the sleepiest of the English landscape.
Other notes: n/a
This Clare Bone China coffee pot is not merely a vessel for brewing but a symphony of English heritage and craftsmanship. Its form, crowned with tactile red flowers, evokes the untamed beauty of the English countryside, where each petal and leaf unfurls with the stories of yesteryear.

As you lift the pot by its gracefully gilt handle, you partake in a ritual steeped in history—a leisurely pause that has graced English tables for centuries. The gilt details, shimmering like the morning dew, are reminiscent of the genteel opulence that characterised the coffee and tea ceremonies of England’s past.

With every pour, the pot whispers tales of pastoral serenades, of idyllic summers when the air was sweet with the scent of blooming posies. It is an artifact that captures the essence of the English spirit—a love for the refined simplicity of nature, and the appreciation of slow, savoured moments.

Standing at approximately 7 3/4 inches and weighing a substantial 483g, this coffee pot is a tangible piece of history, marked with the esteemed Clare Bone China signature—a name that resonates with collectors and connoisseurs of English fine things. It’s an emblem of a bygone era, designed not just for the brewing of coffee but for the cultivation of conversation, the deepening of friendships, and the cherishing of quiet reflection.

In the hands of a heritage collector, this coffee pot transcends its function. It becomes a centerpiece, a conversation starter, an heirloom that carries the legacy of the English tea and coffee tradition forward. This is more than a coffee pot—it’s an invitation to experience the timeless elegance of English country living, cup by cup.
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