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Last Updated on: 14th February 2024, 09:31 am

VINTAGE Ibiscus Ceramics Rhodes GREECE Mandala Effect 24K GOLD Decorative Plate

Diameter: 10 inches
Weight: 530 g
Maker’s Marks: Handmade in 24K Gold by Ibiscus Ceramics, Rhodes (Greece). Olympia Ceramica S.A stamp says dishwasher proof and microwave safe
Notes: intricate mandala effect in earthy red, brown, and yellow colour palette with 24K accent details in cream ground
Other details: fitted with hanging wire at the back of the plate
The exquisite decorative plate from Ibiscus Ceramics of Rhodes, Greece, adorned with 24K gold, speaks volumes of the island’s long-standing legacy in ceramic artistry. Rhodes has been renowned for its ceramics since ancient times, with its artisans drawing inspiration from the rich historical and cultural milieu of the region.

The mandala design, central to this piece, is deeply symbolic. In many cultures, mandalas are spiritual symbols representing the universe, unity, wholeness, and harmony. They serve as a tool for meditation and a symbol for prayer, particularly in China, Japan, and Tibet. The meticulous geometric patterns are more than just art; they’re a journey toward the center, reflecting the inward path to the self in the spiritual realm.

The inclusion of 24K gold in its design adds an element of timeless luxury, often associated with the divine and the eternal. Gold has been used in art for its incorruptible nature, reflecting the pursuit of the unchanging and the perfect.

The design itself, characterised by intricate florals and earthy tones highlighted by the lustre of gold, is evocative of the natural beauty and mythological richness of the Mediterranean. Each curve and contour could represent the intertwining of human history with the transcendent, the earthly with the divine.

For collectors and connoisseurs, such a piece is not merely a decorative item but a fragment of a larger cultural tapestry. Owning such a piece is akin to holding a part of Greek heritage, embodying the aesthetic ideals, artistic excellence, and philosophical meditations of a culture that has significantly shaped the world.

The practical aspects of the plate, being dishwasher and microwave safe, signify a harmonious blend of functionality with heritage—a hallmark of Greek artistry that bridges the ancient and the contemporary. Collectors of Greek art may view this not only as an addition to their collection but also as a piece that carries the whisperings of ancient Greek philosophies and the timeless allure of its artistic expressions.
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