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VINTAGE Summer 1962 Hotel-Cafe Seestrand, Thumersbach-Zell am See AUSTRIA  POSTCARD

VINTAGE Summer 1962 Hotel-Cafe Seestrand, Thumersbach-Zell am See AUSTRIA  POSTCARD

Measurements: Approx. 5 3/4 x 4 1/8 inches
Maker: Nr. 31 Foto v. Querfurth, Aalen/Wurtt.
Paper: Postcard
Text: 1962 Hotel-Cafe Seestrand, Thumersbach-Zell am See (AUSTRIA)
Additional Notes: Postmarks and stamps. Handwritten message
Sale Notes: Only the original postcard is for sale. The enhanced and colourised images are for your appreciation only.
Additional details
Mr. and Mrs. Reder
37 Overton Drive
London E11
Handwritten message
Dear Nat and Joyce,
We are staying in the room marked with a cross and have a lovely view across the lake to Zell, which is a mile away.
The scenery here is very pretty and the hotel and food is quite cheap.
Up till now, we’ve been rather disappointed with Austria but it seems to have improved the further we’ve come.
The children are very fit and have enjoyed themselves very much.
We look forward to hearing from you when we get on the boat.
Love from us all,

“VINTAGE 1962 Hotel-Cafe Seestrand, Thumersbach-Zell am See AUSTRIA POSTCARD” paints a delightful panorama of a bygone era. The black and white photograph captures the beauty and serenity of Austria’s scenic vistas – a picturesque contrast of the towering alpine peaks and the calm waters below. This snapshot in time presents two quaint establishments: the Hotel-Cafe Seestrand and another wooden cabin, both exuding an old-world charm that’s missing in today’s fast-paced world.

From the postcard’s measurements and maker details, it’s evident that meticulous craftsmanship was employed. Vintage postcards, like this one, were a primary form of communication, used to capture moments, convey messages, and keep distant relationships alive.

The text, “1962 Hotel-Cafe Seestrand, Thumersbach-Zell am See (AUSTRIA)“, gives the postcard its identity and locale. This detail is precious to collectors, especially those with an inclination towards Austrian culture or landscapes.

What’s incredibly heartwarming and personal is the handwritten message at the back. Dated 7th September 1962, Bert writes to Nat and Joyce about their adventures in Austria. They mark their room with a cross, signifying the vantage point from which they admire the mesmerizing view across Lake Zell. Bert’s words give insights into the time’s travel sentiments. Austria might have started as a disappointment but gradually unveiled its charm the deeper they ventured.

Moreover, the note of the children’s well-being and the anticipation of connecting again once on the boat evokes an air of nostalgia. It reminds us of a time when vacations were more than just quick photo ops but were experiences that lingered and stories that were penned down.

This postcard is not just a relic. It’s a bridge to 1962 Austria, a look into Bert’s world, and an ode to the enduring charm of handwritten memories. The sale note emphasizes the exclusivity and authenticity of the original postcard, an asset for enthusiasts who value tangible pieces of the past.

Finally, the mention of the addressee’s details serves as a personal touch, painting a clear picture of the journey this postcard has undertaken, from the scenic Thumersbach-Zell am See in Austria to Overton Drive in London, England.

To own this postcard is to hold a piece of history, a whispered tale of an Austrian summer, and the echoes of Bert’s words in the cool alpine breeze.

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