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Last Updated on: 26th January 2024, 09:22 pm

New Forest Winter Getaway: Cosy 2-Night Stay & Scenic Walks in Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst

Forest Park Country Hotel & Inn, Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire

The Forest Park Hotel, nestled in the heart of the New Forest, is the perfect starting point for a wintery escape. With its Tudor-style architecture and cosy interiors that hark back to a bygone era, it’s like stepping into a warm embrace from the chilly woodland outside. The hotel’s welcoming ambiance, accentuated by roaring fires and period decor, promises a snug retreat after a day of exploring the frost-kissed landscapes of Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst. Picture beginning your day with a hearty breakfast in the charm-laden dining room before setting off on scenic walks through the ancient woodlands and heathlands, where the crisp winter air and the beauty of the forest in slumber create a tranquil, almost mystical experience.




The village centre of Brockenhurst

Embarking on a winter getaway in Brockenhurst invites you to a quaint village experience that’s like stepping into a storybook. The village centre of Brockenhurst, a charming heart of the New Forest, is a tapestry of historic allure and modern-day comforts. Stroll along its peaceful streets, where thatched cottages and traditional pubs whisper tales of the past. A stop at a cosy café, where the scent of freshly baked goods spills into the frosty air, offers a warm respite.

As you wander, you might encounter the iconic New Forest ponies ambling through the village, embodying the unspoiled nature of this unique place. Shops brimming with local crafts and the inviting glow of the Forest Park Hotel at dusk only add to the enchantment of your winter escape. Here, the blend of nature’s tranquility and village charm creates the perfect backdrop for your New Forest adventure.


The Ford or Watersplash

Brockenhurst Village High Street
Thatched Cottage Hotel

Foresters Arm Pub, Brockenhurst

Heathlands and woodlands are a quiet refuge for nature lovers

In Brockenhurst, the New Forest presents a stunning winter scene, where the heathlands and woodlands are a quiet refuge for nature lovers. The Forest Park Hotel ensures your exploration is unhindered by the elements, providing wellies for the journey. These practical boots allow guests to delve into the rustic charm of the undulating heaths and the quiet, dense woodlands that are alive with the sounds of nature, even as frost grips the landscape. The provided footwear is perfect for navigating the muddied trails, ensuring that the seasonal beauty of the New Forest can be fully appreciated in comfort and warmth.

As you wander through the New Forest, the sense of aimless exploration becomes a journey of discovery, enhanced by the personal soundtrack provided by Spotify’s vast selection of music and podcasts. With headphones and earphones as your companions, every step through the sprawling heathlands and stoic woodlands is set to a rhythm that personalises the experience, making the stroll truly wonderful. Immersed in the auditory backdrop of choice tunes or engaging stories, time and distance meld into the background, and before you know it, the path has led you all the way to the enchanting Blackwater Arboretum—a testament to the joy of getting lost in the moment.

Blackwater Arboretum

At Blackwater Arboretum, tucked away in the New Forest, a winter getaway unfolds into an exploration of nature’s quiet grandeur. Here, ancient redwoods stand tall, guardians of history, as you stroll along the Tall Trees Trail. Every breath of crisp, cold air is a refreshing reminder of the season, while your senses are soothed by the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft, earthy scent of pine. The Arboretum Trail, a shorter jaunt, offers a symphony of sights and sounds, with resting spots inviting you to pause and appreciate the surrounding beauty. It’s a place where the bustle of life fades away, and the tranquil peace of nature takes its place, making each step through this arboreal haven a moment to cherish.

We called it a day!

Wrapping up the invigorating Tall Trees Trail, our path meandered back through the enchanting woodlands, ushering us onto the Rhinefield Road. Along this stretch, the grandeur of the Rhinefield House Hotel beckoned, a testament to the luxury embedded in the New Forest’s heart. As we continued, we were greeted by the quintessential sight of wild horses and ponies, grazing unfettered, embodying the untamed spirit of the forest. This serene communion with nature marked the perfect close to our day as we retraced our steps to the welcoming embrace of the Forest Park Hotel.

Rhinefield House Hotel

In the serene embrace of the New Forest, our second day at Lyndhurst offered a different kind of respite. Where the previous day’s adventures left us with a satisfying weariness, this morning was about indulgence in leisurely pursuits. Lyndhurst, with its quaint charm and easy-going pace, was the perfect locale for a restful day after our extensive explorations. Strolling through the village, we found comfort in the simplicity of a lazy amble, allowing the quaint beauty of the area to rejuvenate our spirits. It was a day less about the miles covered and more about savouring the tranquil moments that define the restorative nature of a getaway.

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