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Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:45 pm

Vintage WW2 German IRON CROSS Silvertone Men’s BRACELET

Length: approx. 9 inches
Width: 3/4 inch
Weight: approx. 66 g
Marks or brands: N/A
This bracelet showcases a design reflective of the WWII era, with the Iron Cross motif as a central historical element.

Authenticity in such vintage pieces often rests in the finer details, which may not be immediately discernible without an expert’s analysis. For an item of this nature, an evaluation by a specialised antiques appraiser can provide definitive authentication, a service recommended to enhance the item’s historical narrative and value for any collector.

A bracelet with a motif of the Iron Cross and the dimensions provided might suggest it was a commemorative piece, potentially owned by a soldier or someone who supported the war effort.

If the bracelet was indeed a wartime piece, it might have been privately purchased or custom-made, as such personal adornments were not standard military issue.
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