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ANTIQUE 1927 PTSC Founded 1910 Past President AJ Catford Esq. Medal in Box

Weight: 93g
Presentation box dimensions: 2 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches x 1 inch
Medal diameter: 1 3/8 inches
Bar: text reads 1927
Obverse: Cross inside a circle. Text reads P.T.S.C. Founded 1910, Past President
Reverse: A.J. Catford Esq.
Notes / other details: an original medal from 1927, unable to establish the organisation. Research pointed out to a possible PTSC trade union or the Public Transport Service Corporation in Trinidad and Tobago. More research needed.
This meticulously crafted 1927 medal from the enigmatic PTSC, founded in 1910, harkens back to an era of industrial fervour and colonial enterprise. Awarded to A.J. Catford Esq., a figure shrouded in the mystique of history, it is an emblem of leadership and perseverance from a transformative period in British and possibly colonial history.

The year 1910 marks a Britain in the throes of the second industrial revolution, with the smoke of factories clouding the skies and the clamour of innovation ringing through the streets. It was a time when Britain’s industrial might was unrivaled, and its empire spanned the globe, with Trinidad and Tobago under its colonial wing, poised on the cusp of the modern era.

By 1927, the year prominently displayed on the medal’s bar, Britain was navigating the complexities of post-World War I recovery, dealing with social upheaval, and approaching the threshold of the Great Depression. Yet, it remained a time of significant progress and imperial strength. The PTSC, whether a part of Britain’s vast transportation network or a product of its colonial reach in Trinidad and Tobago, would have been at the forefront of this dynamic historical landscape.

The cross within a circle on the medal’s obverse could signify a connection to the values of service and unity, principles that held the British Empire together. The item’s presentation in a box suggests it was a significant accolade, intended to honour a presidency that contributed to the steadfast march of progress during a time of great change.

For the collector, this medal offers a tactile connection to the era’s rich tapestry of industry and expansion. For the historian, it is a puzzle piece in the grand picture of Britain’s narrative, a token from an organisation whose influence may have touched upon the lives of countless individuals across both the industrial heartlands of Britain and its colonial breadth.

Uncovering the full story of A.J. Catford Esq. and the PTSC will take one through the annals of time, through the bustling streets of early 20th-century Britain, across the waves to its distant colonies, and into the heart of an age that shaped the modern world. This medal invites an exploration into the depths of history, beckoning those who not only seek to collect but also to understand the lineage of power and progress.
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