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Last Updated on: 26th October 2023, 01:33 pm

ANTIQUE “ANDREAS GEIGER” Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 515 PRINT


Dimensions: 10 inches x 14 1/4 inches
Weight: Approx. 678 grams

Signed And. Geiger (Andreas Geiger)
Etcher and mezzotinter, worked in Vienna.
Source: British Museum online

Kunstkontor R.H. Mayer
Obere Brücke 5
D-8600 Bamberg
Deutschland (DE) GERMANY

R.H. MAYER (Art dealer, Germany)

“Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 515”
“Fashion pictures for the theater newspaper (from Paris) no. 515”

“Wien im Bureau der Theaterzeitung Rauhensteingasse No. 926”
“Vienna in the office of the theater newspaper Rauhensteingasse No. 926”


Today’s owner of the Böttingerhaus is the
Bamberg gallery owner and art dealer Richard H. Mayer.
Böttinger’s Palais houses galleries for old and contemporary art.

Source: Kunstkontor Bamberg Deutschland

Gaze upon a testament to a bygone era, an illustration capturing the opulence of 19th-century Parisian theatre and fashion. Behold the ethereal presence of a distinguished lady, swathed in the soft hues of cerulean, her couture reminiscent of the lavishness that once graced the boulevards of Paris.

The artwork, elegantly christened as “Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 515,” intertwines the allure of Parisian fashion with the drama of the theatre. One can almost hear the whispers of silk, the soft applause in a theatre, and the delicate notes of a piano echoing from a distant salon.

Entrusted into creation by the masterful hands of Andreas Geiger, his legacy as an etcher and mezzotinter from Vienna lends a distinguished pedigree to the piece. Such is the reputation of the creator that his contributions are immortalised and revered within sanctuaries of art, such as the British Museum.

Furthermore, the provenance of this piece is nothing short of prestigious. With associations to the esteemed Kunstkontor R.H. Mayer of Bamberg, the artwork has been cradled in the corridors of excellence. Mayer’s renown, particularly his esteemed position within Böttinger’s Palais—a sanctuary of both classical and contemporary art—amplifies the piece’s significance.

Adding to its intricate narrative are the inscriptions, “Wien im Bureau der Theaterzeitung Rauhensteingasse No. 926,” a nod to the cultural renaissance of Vienna, interlacing seamlessly with the Parisian nuances.

In essence, this is not merely a print. It is a narrative, a journey through time, a manifestation of luxury and artistry. For a discerning collector, it represents an opportunity to own a fragment of history, a conversation piece echoing tales of European elegance and grandeur.
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