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ANTIQUE “ANDREAS GEIGER” Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 546 PRINT

Dimensions: 10 inches x 14 1/4 inches
Weight: Approx. 678 grams

Signed And. Geiger (Andreas Geiger)

Etcher and mezzotinter, worked in Vienna.
Source: British Museum online

Kunstkontor R.H. Mayer
Obere Brücke 5
D-8600 Bamberg
Deutschland (DE) GERMANY

R.H. MAYER (Art dealer, Germany)


“Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 546”
“Fashion pictures for the theater newspaper (from Paris) no. 546”

“Wien im Bureau der Theaterzeitung Rauhensteingasse No. 926”
“Vienna in the office of the theater newspaper Rauhensteingasse No. 926”


Today’s owner of the Böttingerhaus is the
Bamberg gallery owner and art dealer Richard H. Mayer.
Böttinger’s Palais houses galleries for old and contemporary art.

Source: Kunstkontor Bamberg Deutschland

Stepping into the delicate realm of this artwork, we are immediately enveloped in the splendour and sophistication of 19th-century European high society. Andreas Geiger’s “Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 546” is not merely an illustration; it’s an opulent tapestry that weaves together the threads of Parisian elegance, Viennese cultural fervour, and the meticulous craftsmanship of Geiger himself.

The two ladies epitomise the zenith of Parisian elegance, each draped in sumptuous fabrics and adorned with the finest accessories. Their regal demeanour, coupled with intricate details of their attire, narrates a tale of an era where fashion was not just attire, but an art form—a powerful statement of one’s position in society and one’s artistic inclinations.

Geiger’s masterful etching technique, as confirmed by the British Museum, adds depth and dimension to the scene. Each stroke, each line seems to be crafted with an intention, revealing a narrative filled with nuance and subtext. The sheer detail in the depiction bespeaks the meticulous observation and profound respect Geiger had for his subjects, rendering them not just as models but as muses.

The illustrious label of Kunstkontor R.H. Mayer Galerie, anchored in Bamberg, Deutschland, bestows upon the artwork an additional layer of reverence. As stewards of this piece, they link its grand past with its cherished present. Richard H. Mayer’s connection to the Böttinger’s Palais, an establishment that curates a symbiotic relationship between ancient and contemporary art, accentuates the timelessness of this creation.

Furthermore, the inscription “Wien im Bureau der Theaterzeitung Rauhensteingasse No. 926” is not a mere address; it’s a portal. It transports us to a Vienna pulsating with cultural exuberance, where the harmonious confluence of theatre and fashion served as the city’s lifeblood.

In its entirety, Geiger’s masterpiece is an ode to an era where aesthetics and intellect were inextricably intertwined. It captures the soul of a time when to be fashionable was to be informed, and to be cultured was the highest form of elegance. It’s an eternal whisper from the past, reminding us of the transcendent beauty of art and fashion.

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