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Last Updated on: 13th November 2023, 07:15 am

Antique FRENCH Feur-de-lis Handpainted Enamel COBALT BLUE Vase

Height: cup is approx. 3 1/8 inches tall
Circumference: approx. 13 inches
Weight: approx. 235 g
Maker’s Marks: B 437
Notes / other details: intricate hand-painted florals and fleu de lis details with gilt accents, stunning cobalt blue and white and light blue enamel details
In the realm of antiques, where the provenance of time imbues objects with soul and story, stands this exquisite French Fleur-de-Lis handpainted enamel cobalt blue vase. The very essence of refinement, it speaks to those with an appreciation for objects that transcend mere decorative function and enter the realm of art.

This piece, with its sumptuous cobalt blue, carries within it the silent music of history. The fleur-de-lis, a symbol of French royalty, is rendered with a meticulous hand, each stroke of gilt a testament to the artisan’s skill. The vase’s modest height belies its grandeur, while the circumference suggests an ample canvas for the intricate florals that dance across its surface.

The weight of the vase suggests substance, a tactile connection to the past that one can feel with every touch. The maker’s mark, ‘B 437’, whispers of its origin story, hinting at the exclusive lineage from which it hails.

For the collector, this is not merely an acquisition; it is an indulgence in aesthetic heritage, a piece that will stand as the pinnacle of a curated collection. It is an invitation to those of elevated taste to forge a bond with the elegance of the ancien régime, to bring into their space an artifact that is both a slice of history and a piece of timeless beauty.
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