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Last Updated on: 28th November 2023, 09:07 pm

AVON Far Away Beyond The Moon PARFUM

Capture The Mystery of The Moon

A powerful LUXURY CONCENTRATED PARFUM with the unique, sustainably sourced BELLE DE NUIT, a mysterious nocturnal flower that BLOOMS ONLY IN THE FULL INTENSITY OF MOONLIGHT.

It captures the mesmerising effects and flower-blooming power of the moon, so you can REACH FOR THE STARS and SHINE BRIGHT TO THOSE AROUND YOU FOR HOURS.

Top: Wild Cherries
Heart: Belle De Nuit Flower
Base: Sandalwood

Mysterious, alluring, hypnotic

Avon’s Far Away Beyond The Moon Parfum is a scented ode to the celestial dance of nightfall, a luxurious fragrance that weaves the enigmatic allure of the Belle de Nuit flower with the timeless sophistication of oriental perfumes.

In the Far Away Beyond The Moon Parfum, Avon has captured the ephemeral beauty of the moonlit sky. Each note is thoughtfully selected to embody the mysterious charm of the night. The opening note of wild cherries offers a fleeting whisper of sweetness, a delicate prelude to the heart of the fragrance.

At its core lies the Belle de Nuit flower, an ethereal bloom that unveils its secrets only under the cover of darkness. This rare ingredient, sustainably sourced, holds the spirit of the fragrance, echoing the silent language of flowers that bloom at midnight.

The base of sandalwood anchors the fragrance with its rich, creamy resonance, evoking the serene confidence of a moon’s glow on a clear night. It’s a base note that lingers, a reminder of the warmth that persists even in the cool elegance of night.

The parfum is housed in a bottle as sophisticated as its contents—a symbol of the night sky, an artifact that captures the essence of twilight dreams. It’s an invitation to embrace the nocturnal romance of the heavens, to explore the depths of a scent that transcends the ordinary.

Far Away Beyond The Moon Parfum speaks to the connoisseur of fine fragrances, offering an experience that is as enigmatic as it is alluring. It’s more than a scent—it’s an escape to a world where the moon reigns with a quiet strength, and the night blooms with possibilities.

This is not just a fragrance; it’s a journey, a discovery of the night’s soul, a celebration of the allure that thrives under the glow of the lunar light. It’s an invitation to those who seek the profound and the authentic, to indulge in the hypnotic and the mysterious.


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