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Last Updated on: 25th June 2020, 02:29 pm


It is Springtime (March 2019) when these photos were taken and as you can see the weather is really pleasant now. 


Springtime is really about planting, planting the seeds in your house garden and in your businesses and career. 


You really do try to get as much business conferences and business building done in that window period because when summertime comes, you wouldn’t be stuck in these conference rooms do you? You’d be by the beach, or by the mountains. 


They say, that in trading it’s not enough that you know how to enter and exit a trade based on fundamental and technical analysis alone. Alot of trading success also comes to intuition wherein you’ve got to get a feel for the markets. 


For us, there really isn’t much point trading actively during the summer months because nothing big is moving the markets. You know that all these institutional big boys are on holiday in some luxury islands and the only force that’s moving the markets are the newbies. 


If you want to make good swings, come back on Autumn time when them boys are all back from their holidays lol. 


By the way, as we’re on trading terms now, You really don’t day trade equities and commodities do you? FX is also a bit of a hit and miss, its more for hedging really. The best homeruns we’ve had we’re all from the Wall Street (US) Index markets, but that also means you’ve got to be glued up in your computer whilst you’re live trading. That’s alot of stress and swearing involved in there. US30 is a very fast moving market so if you don’t know how to read your charts and to operate your trading platform even in your sleep, please stay away. 1M PHP is nothing in US30. 1M PHP can easily blow up in a space of 30 minutes. 


If you are someone who has matured quite properly in life, the kind of maturity you get when you have lost someone, something, or maybe your head lol and have really come back 360 degrees, the markets can reward you handsomely. 


Only thing is its very addicting, so you end up really betting big thinking you’d be a billionaire in your fourties haha. Better mix it up with other things and not make it your full time job because it is a very lonely and stressful endeavour. Your world compresses to 1 square foot and even in your sleep, you are continually adjusting your stop loss and take profits lol. There is more to life than business and trading. In fact, it is quite a goal for us to live ZEN, to live with meaning and not just for material things. 


When you have gone through alot in life, you start craving for simplicity and spirituality really. You really even don’t bother for any external validation anymore. 


Mamma Mia! We’ve really gone off track with that one lol. I guess the lovely weather made me contemplate alot. 

Now, let’s go back to business…







Address:100 Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4ER





Wealth Dragons Ltd was founded by John Lee and Vincent Wong. Both are British businessmen. 



Vincent Wong, serial property investor and property trader himself was believed to have invented or introduced LEASE OPTIONS into the UK. If you are into Property, Lease Options is the system (or rather hack) of controlling Real Estate Properties for at least 1 GBP Pound. With this system, you can end up really controlling million pound worth of real estate if you’re a PRO at doing this. No wonder Mr. Wong is hunted by property investors like bees to nectar. We don’t blame them lol. 


If you are interested in learning more about them, they have written several books about business and real estate. We are not affiliated with them OK. This is a genuine review folks. 


The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, the When and the How to Become Infinitely Wealthy


The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, the When and the How to Become Infinitely Wealthy

by John Lee and Vincent Wong | 5 Jun 2015


Jim Kwik flew from Los Angeles, California just to attend this conference. Thank You Master!

When you have seen Jim in action, you’ll be amazed how some minds process data like a computer. 

On of his live show challenge is he asks the audience random numbers then he recites the exact numbers in the same order as they were given, then the fun part is when he recites these numbers backwards. Mind blowing!



As for us, we don’t see much business sense in being able to memorise big data like that lol. We’ll have to give the computers that award, not even bothering to train my brain to that level anymore. Not going to any mind olympics so that’s a pass for us haha. 




That’s the energetic Mr. John Lee speaking on stage. John Lee is British Chinese and he always shares to his audience that He is an autistic child. He said anybody can succeed as long as they play to their strengths and not let their weaknesses pull them down. He said, with his autism he easily gets bored with alot of things specially reading and writing and his concentration span is very short. But he found out that he is very good in talking, so he maximises his output with his talking, i.e records books (then later have them transcribed by the pros into text format), records podcasts, youtube videos and online courses. Brilliant Mr. Lee! 


One more thing that stands out with this young man is that he is very down to earth and approachable. He also likes having lunch with his audience and does gazillion amounts of face-to-face networking hours. 


Im not sure networking is for me as I would have melted into nothing by the end of the day lol. That’s fine because I’m playing with my strengths—which is hiding from people haha…



Thank You...

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