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Last Updated on: 25th June 2020, 02:14 pm


Om Swastiastu! 

Or peace and greetings as the Balinese say. 




We are very proud to present Bali Water World. Bali is said to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. With its breathtaking beaches, steep mountain slopes and endless rice paddies; it’s no wonder that Bali was named Top Global Destination for 2017 in the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards.



On the east coast of the island lies the beautiful village of Sanur. A quaint fishing village, Sanur was the initial launching point for tourism in Bali back in 1963. Since then, Bali has prospered, and Sanur has retained its charm and



Many consider Sanur with its eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and activities yet without the hassles found in places
like Kuta or Seminyak. Sanur is well known for its endless stretches of white sand beach which is protected by an off-shore reef. Along the beach side walkway, visitors will find numerous cafes and restaurants offering good food, cold drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.



The location of Bali Water World is just 400 meters from the beach with entertainment, shops and restaurants at the
doorstep. The upcoming Water World is set on 5,700 m2 of land and will provide a selection of high-quality apartments, retail spaces and of course a large swimming pool running through the whole complex. We welcome you to explore our catalogue. Whether you are looking to invest or just to relax on a much-needed holiday, we think you will find Bali Water World “just right”.



See you soon in Bali!



Sales Office Supervisor, Bali





Bali regulations say that one cannot build higher than the highest palm tree? So, in keeping with local regulations,
our condominiums will have no more than four floors.



The Island of Gods



Whether you are looking for picture perfect beaches, idyllic stretches of rice paddy, world class shopping, active volcanoes, the world’s best diving destinations, rejuvenating spas, yoga retreats or rich local culture, we guarantee that you will find it in Bali!



The island is one of the few places in the world which offers something for every kind of tourist, and Bali will continue to be a key tourist destination for many years to come. From laid back Sanur to the bustling Kuta and Seminyak areas to the art hub of Ubud or the picture-perfect North, Bali is a true holiday paradise.



Idyllic Sanur


Bali is known for its unique style and Sanur is no exception. Enjoy the trendy and relaxed lifestyle that is Sanur. Soak in the bright sun on the beach, fun water activities or explore Balinese culture by visiting some local warungs (café) or temples. Sanur is the perfect place for a relaxing, yet eventful holiday destination. The town itself is home to many well-
known restaurants, a unique 5 kilometers long white sand beach, crystal clear water and soon a Water World!



How to get to Bali?



From Europe 


Daily flights from most major airports with a quick stop-over in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok or Jakarta.


From Australia and Asia


Daily flights from
Australia – daily direct flights from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide
Asia – daily direct flights from Jakarta, Singapore, Tokyo, Surabaya and Kuala Lumpur
From the airport to New Nordic – a short taxi drive of maximum 30 minutes.




Situated near the lively Sanur Beach and within easy reach to the main road, Bali Water World makes for the perfect
family get away.



With an entrance facing the streets, Bali Water World is meant to welcome all our visitors the moment they step
in. Our grand reception area adapts the island’s unique Balinese decorative style setting the tone for a relaxed



Consisting of five buildings all build around a pool area surrounded by water slides, sun loungers, children areas
and a very nice restaurant overlooking the pool offers a range of opportunities for the whole family to spend lazy
days at the resort. 




Following the same quality and brand essence as our other New Nordic Water World’s, the rooms provide the perfect combination of fresh design and smart solutions. Our designers and architects have worked
to incorporate the traditional Balinese style with the New Nordic standard of quality. Resulting in an elegant, yet
modern design with elements inspired from water and a focus on wood and open-air spaces with a modern twist.



The family resort is within easy reach of a wealth of the islands culture with local markets, bustling beach clubs, beautiful nature and white sand beaches. 




A safe and secure investment option for the smarter investor!



Bali Sales Office


Our sales office in Bali is open, and our helpful staff can answer any questions you might have about the project.
The office is right next door to the Bali Water World project!



Alani Signature


Completed and Opening soon!


We are happy to announce that our hospitality company, Alani Hospitality, will be opening a four-star project in the
same neighborhood as our Water World; the charming fisherman village of Sanur. The hotel has a crisp, modern
and fresh look, with spacious rooms and quality dining facilities. We look forward to welcome you to our trendy
new hotel in famous Bali!






Bali is famous for their breathtaking dive sites and clear water. There are
a huge number of dive shops and schools located in Sanur, with famous sites only a few minutes away by boat. Explore the islands underwater beauty with experience dive masters and top amenities. As well as diving, Sanur has strong winds which make it an ideal spot to kite surf.




Turtle Conservation and Education


An amazing way to give back while traveling or living in Sanur is helping out at the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre located on the nearby Serangan island. The centers focus is on educating visitors on how to take care of the environment to best look after the turtles and this is a good spot if you are travelling with children who can get up close with the tanks and check out the baby turtles that are born in the center.




Bali Orchid Garden


Situated only 3 kilometers away from Sanur on the main road that leads out of the area, Jalan Ngurah Rai, you can find the Orchid Garden. The garden is a riot of color, covered with thousands of orchids in different hues! Many visitors to Bali may not realize that orchids are a staple on the island as they flourish in the volcanic earth here which has a high mineral content.




Pasar Sindu Night Market


As Night falls over sleepy Sanur, the bustling night market of Pasar Sindu comes to life.
The Night Market is one of the focal points of Sanur in the evening and is a top spot if you fancy some late-night shopping and snacking. Here you can find a good selection of items for sale including a huge variety of delicious
local street food.




Late Night Walk Along the


One of the nicest areas of Sanur is its coastline which is flanked by a paved walkway that wraps around the edge
of the sea and is the ideal spot to go for an afternoon walk or rent your own set of wheels and cycle along, taking
in the pretty view along the way. The promenade is dotted with cafes and restaurants where you can stop for refreshments if the walk or ride gets a little tiring.





With its warm weather, amazing landscapes and welcoming culture, Bali has become one of the world’s most desirable places to visit. So much so in fact, that TripAdvisor named Bali the Number 1 travel destination in the World for 2017.



• Indonesia keeps gaining in popularity among travelers around the world and Bali is by far the primary destination to visit!



• A stable political and economic environment makes the island one of the safest investment options in Southeast Asia.



• Building for the future: Bali is predicted to have a bright future in terms of economic growth. Infrastructure is
constantly improving to prepare for future trade and tourist flow. To support this growth, the new International Airport with modernized and upgraded facilities was opened in 2013.



• Being a highly trusted property developer across Southeast Asia, New Nordic Group ensures security and predictability in your investment. Investing with us is a safe, profitable way of placing your money.



• Due to Bali’s warm climate, stunning views and fascinating culture, it remains one the world’s most desirable places to live for expats. Not only are travelers buying holiday homes in Bali, but many people also look to permanently relocate there as well.



These factors are a driving force for growth in the real estate sector and which has seen consistent appreciation of property values in recent years.








Q. As an individual investor, what is involved in getting into the Bali real estate market?
A. Indonesian law places restrictions on the ability of foreigners to outright purchase property. But as long as the property is not Government subsidized, foreigners are allowed to invest in real estate under a clause referred to as a “Right to Use” lease.



Q. What is a “Right to Use” lease?
A. An Indonesian citizen who owns property can provide you with a long-term lease contract that allows you to make use of the property for personal or commercial purposes. 

Commercial use is also dependent on obtaining the appropriate permits and/or licenses for your business. 

The “Right to Use”lease is, therefore, the first step in the overall process to exploit property for commercial purposes in Indonesia.



Q. What advice would you give to foreigners seeking to invest in Bali?
A. Know that although the Indonesian legal system was established under Dutch rule, there are many nuances to the system as it exists today. So, it is best to good legal advice before you commit to anything in Indonesia.
Indeed, it makes good business sense to retain a lawyer in any country that you seek to do business in, however many people still try to avoid this step to save on cost.

However, what many people do not realize is that all the decisions made in the process can have legal ramifications. So, it is important to understand exactly what you are getting into and what the short- and long-term ramifications are.
Be clear about what you are seeking from an investment, the purpose, and what you want to get out of it.



Do not over complicate things and keep in mind the key basics of location, land and looks. Always get both the Pros and Cons of a deal after, you can compare that investment against alternatives and make sound investment decisions.



From an investment perspective, carefully consider the risk and rewards of each potential investment opportunity. And if you decide to purchase with New Nordic Group, know that these considerations will be presented to you so that you understand the total deal.



Individual investors looking to invest in Bali real estate have experienced ups and downs over the years. Reason being there are some complexities to the market that requires local knowledge to navigate. As a result, a few
unscrupulous agents have taken advantage of their local knowledge to enrich themselves.



An individual investor looking to exploit the Bali real estate market is best advised to research how to navigate the process of buying or renting in Bali first. The best way to do this is to go to Bali and become immersed in the market, build local contacts and develop local relationships. 




Alternatively, one can look to a commercial group that has an established presence in Bali and can offer hassle free access to the market. The recent growth of Condotels in Bali has attracted the attention of buyers and there are now quite a few successful brands up and running.


Ask your Agent (britishfareasttraders2019@gmail.com) or our sales office for more information about investing in Bali.



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