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Last Updated on: 23rd December 2019, 03:29 am





With the holiday season in full swing, families get together, and days that were once structured now transform into a freeform. 


For some, this is a welcome break from the hectic and busy days of work and business. For others it is a source of anxiety as days seem to go to waste. Add to this unstructured pile the family or friends drama that is unfolding, then a what’s supposed to be a festive gathering can easily turn to a messy nightmare. 


When the going gets toxic, let nature deliver its shot…


We believe, the best way to spend the holiday season is still to have some sort of structure to your day: though it could be organised just a tad bit looser than a normal working day. 


You have to include activities you enjoy like reading your books: physical and e-books, playing the piano or violin, watching some good Netflix or Youtube movies or documentaries, going to night markets, visiting some local tourist destinations, doing a bit of creative writing, or just decluttering some stuff around the house. 


This is the perfect time to muse over your dreams and aspirations for the coming year, and to loosely write them in your Google Keep, Diary, or whatever sort of organising system you have. 


If you are not that very near to parks or any tourist spots, muse over nature near you: pets or even plants. You can’t help but appreciate a simpler way of life when you are close to nature as nature reminds us that beauty succeeds when you let the divine power work its way over all creation. 


Take this holiday season to declutter your thoughts. Embrace those big chunks of your free time to feed your soul and let nature feed your creative genius. 


This pretty pink flower is beautiful not just because its pretty to look at, it’s beauty lies in the eye (or soul) of the beholder. 


On its own, you can focus on it and let it guide your meditation. Meditation does not need to be the structured one proposed by the purists, i.e monks and yogists. A simple act where you think deeper about things and life is an act of meditation itself. When you meditate about life, your thoughts get purified as a result. Your days become simpler but not boring, it just means you are more thoughtful on what things or thoughts you invest your time on. Not everything that lands on your desk require your investment. It is the same in life: not everything that comes your way require your attention. 


Sometimes you have to let time do its magic, making you superficially appear like your doing nothing on the outside. But as they say, silent waters run deep. As the sages sages say, haste makes waste. If you react to everything that comes your way, you end up spending your energy on things that matter little to your end result. 


We know that sometimes they say don’t be too choosy, but to live a good life, you have to choose your battles well. 




Simple house plants that look very healthy mirror a simple existence with a very healthy spiritual life. 

Alot of times, what we need to know in life are hidden in plain sight, not because the divine is playing tricks on us but because we are living our lives rather too superficially. 

If these plants can purify the air we breathe, quite metaphorically let their simple beauty purify your thoughts. 

DETOX & ZEN: 2 of our favourite words. 


These plants can beautify ugly spaces or corners in a house. Let their beauty and utility remind you that when you live a more spiritual life, it can beautify ugly corners of your soul. 


As long as we live, we will always come across obstacles and challenges. This is the old reality of life. 

We need to be resilient: stumbling 7 times and getting up 8 which is the main precept of the popular Japanese proverb. 

Time will reward our longterm efforts. In business and in life, NATURE will always succeed. 

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