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Last Updated on: 26th May 2023, 03:37 pm

VINTAGE Pair Handpainted Mid 20th Century MING STYLE Chinese Court Life VASES


of HANDPAINTED Mid 20th Century






WEIGHT: Approx. 1,140 g per vase
HEIGHT: Approx. 12 inches tall
CIRCUMFERENCE (at its widest): 17 3/4 inches
Chinese characters at the base translates to “MADE IN CHINA”
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Vintage Handpainted Mid 20th Century “Ming Style”
Chinese Court Life Vases – Exquisite Collectibles
Welcome to our eBay UK Buy It Now listing,
where we present to you a stunning pair of vintage handpainted vases
that will transport you to the enchanting world of Chinese court life.
These mid 20th-century “Ming Style” vases
embody the elegance and artistry of a bygone era,
making them exceptional pieces for collectors and admirers of Chinese culture.
Exquisite Handpainting:
Each vase has been meticulously handpainted,
showcasing delicate handwork and vibrant colours
that bring to life scenes from Chinese courtly settings.
The attention to detail is remarkable,
capturing the grace and beauty
of figures engaged in daily court activities.
These exquisite handpainted motifs include can
courtiers, musicians, scholars, and scenes of traditional ceremonies,
immersing you in the captivating world of ancient China.
Authenticity and Markings:
The base of each vase proudly displays Chinese characters
that translate to “MADE IN CHINA”
reaffirming their authenticity and origin.
These vases are genuine pieces,
created with reverence for the rich artistic heritage of Chinese porcelain.
Shipping Partners:
Rest assured that your precious vases will be handled with utmost care
during their journey to you.
We work with trusted shipping partners,
including Royal Mail GB and the eBay Global Shipping Programme (GSP).
With their reliable services,
your vases will be securely packaged
and swiftly delivered to your doorstep,
ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience.
A Collector’s Treasure:
These vintage “Ming Style” vases are not just decorative items;
they are exquisite works of art
that encapsulate the splendor of Chinese court life.
Whether you are a passionate collector
or someone who appreciates the beauty of cultural artifacts,
these vases will make a captivating addition to your collection
or a remarkable statement piece in your home or office.
Don’t miss this opportunity to own a pair
of handpainted Mid 20th Century “Ming Style” Chinese Court Life Vases.
Please note: The listing includes two vases as a set.
Any additional items shown in the photographs
are for display purposes only and are not included in the purchase.
Disclaimer: Due to the nature of vintage items,
minor imperfections may be present,
which add to their character and authenticity.
Thank you for visiting our listing,
and if you have any questions,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Happy eBaying!

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