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Last Updated on: 7th March 2024, 08:39 pm

VINTAGE Victorian/Edwardian Lady and Her Dog Bisque Figurine

Height: 13 1/2 inches
Weight: 456g
Maker’s marks: n/a
The “VINTAGE Victorian/Edwardian Lady and Her Dog Bisque Figurine” presents a delightful charm, sure to be appreciated by collectors and connoisseurs alike. Standing at a commanding height of 13 1/2 inches and weighing 456 grams, this figurine is a solid piece, showcasing the fine craftsmanship typical of the period it represents.

The attire of the lady, with its high-necked gown, fitted bodice, full sleeves, and elaborate hat, embodies the intricate and refined fashion of the late Victorian era. However, the silhouette’s simplicity, with less volume in the skirt and a more natural waistline, gently leads us into the Edwardian era’s subtler fashion sensibilities. This transition period was known for its softer lines and a less restrictive approach to women’s garments.

Notably, the hat’s style and the bodice’s design could very well sit in the Edwardian era, where the fashion industry saw a shift towards more practical and streamlined attire, moving away from the heavily corseted and layered Victorian designs. The Edwardian period favored an “S-bend” silhouette, which emphasised an inward curve at the back, leading to a more natural stance, a feature subtly suggested by this figurine’s posture.

The absence of maker’s marks gives this piece an air of mystery, inviting the intrigue of a historical detective to uncover its origins. The presence of the dog adds a narrative element, suggesting the lady’s status and leisure to keep such a pet, further indicative of the era’s upper-class lifestyle.

For a collector, this piece not only represents a slice of fashion history but also an opportunity to possess a fragment of the cultural tapestry of the turn of the 20th century. It is not merely a figurine but a storytelling piece, one that encapsulates the grace and elegance of its time. Its timeless beauty makes it an ideal display piece that will continue to evoke admiration and curiosity.
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