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Last Updated on: 22nd December 2023, 07:42 am

Antique 1895 Interest Statement NIZAM’S Guaranteed State Railways Company Ltd.

Measurements: 8 inches X 4 3/4 inches
Issued by: His Highness the Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railways Company, Limited
Offices: Winchester House, 50, Old Broad Street, London, E.C.
People: Thomas Alder Thorp Esq. and Harold Beeching Esq. 
Other details: Interest on Registered Mortgage Debentures at 4 percent per annum, for half-year ending 30th June, 1895.
Notes: Interesting historical railway ephemera from the late 19th century.
The “Antique 1895 Interest Statement NIZAM’S Guaranteed State Railways Company Ltd.” is a charming relic that harkens back to the late 19th century, a time when the railways were revolutionising transport and communication across the globe. Measuring a modest 8 inches by 4 3/4 inches, this document is a tangible reminder of the financial intricacies behind one of the most significant railway networks in the Indian subcontinent during the British colonial erathe Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railways.

Issued from the offices located in the heart of London’s financial district at Winchester House, 50, Old Broad Street, the document’s geographical origin itself narrates a tale of international business and colonial networks.

The content of the document focuses on the interest of Registered Mortgage Debentures, set at a rate of 4 percent per annum. This aspect highlights the financial mechanisms and instruments that were common at the time, used by companies to secure funding for large-scale infrastructural projects like railway networks. Such debentures were a popular means for raising capital, offering investors a fixed rate of return, and were fundamental to the expansion and operation of the railway system.

The Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railways, a vital part of the Nizam’s dominion in Hyderabad, played an instrumental role in the economic and infrastructural development of the region. The railways not only facilitated trade and transport but also significantly influenced the social and cultural landscape of the area. Documents like the 1895 Interest Statement are more than just financial records; they are snippets of history, encapsulating the essence of an era marked by industrial growth and colonial enterprise.

For collectors and enthusiasts of historical documents and railway memorabilia, this interest statement is a prized possession. Its value lies not just in its age or rarity but in its ability to connect us to a bygone era, offering insights into the economic history and practices of the time. It’s a piece of the past that tells a story of economic aspirations, colonial ventures, and the transformative power of the railways in the Indian subcontinent.
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