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ANTIQUE “ANDREAS GEIGER” Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 316 PRINT

Dimensions: 10 inches x 14 1/4 inches
Weight: Approx. 678 grams

Signed And. Geiger (Andreas Geiger)
Etcher and mezzotinter, worked in Vienna.
Source: British Museum online

Kunstkontor R.H. Mayer
Obere Brücke 5
D-8600 Bamberg
Deutschland (DE) GERMANY

R.H. MAYER (Art dealer, Germany)


“Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 316”
“Fashion pictures for the theater newspaper (from Paris) no. 316”

“Zu haben in Wien, im Bureau der Theaterzeitung Wottzeil No. 780 2 Stk.”
“Available in Vienna, in the office of the theater newspaper Wortteil No. 780 2 pcs”


Today’s owner of the Böttingerhaus is the
Bamberg gallery owner and art dealer Richard H. Mayer.
Böttinger’s Palais houses galleries for old and contemporary art.

Source: Kunstkontor Bamberg Deutschland
Hailing from the hand of the esteemed Andreas Geiger, this artwork stands as a testament to a period where artistry and grace were paramount. It evokes a bygone era, illustrating the epitome of sophistication and sartorial elegance. Each brushstroke, each etched line, conveys not merely fashion, but a story — a narrative of a society, an epoch, a movement.

The artwork captures a moment frozen in time: a lady, her countenance serene, adorned in an attire that speaks of the meticulous craftsmanship of her epoch. The nuanced shades, the light play on her robe, and the intricate detailing of her bonnet— all are a testament to Geiger’s masterful hand. Such intricacies are not merely designs; they are whispers of conversations had in the salons of Vienna, echoes of the soft rustle of silk gowns in opulent ballrooms, and glimpses into hushed rendezvous in dimly lit theaters.

Beyond its visual appeal, the piece offers a deeper resonance, having traversed through time and been associated with the venerable Kunstkontor R.H. Mayer. For the discerning art aficionado, this connection further amplifies the artwork’s historical and cultural significance. Mayer’s legacy, rooted in the curation of both time-honoured and contemporary masterpieces, intertwines with this artwork, enriching its narrative.

Acquiring this Geiger masterpiece is not merely a transaction; it’s an immersion. It offers one the privilege to be a custodian of history, to possess a fragment of an era where art was not just seen, but felt. It beckons to those with an appreciation for the sublime, inviting them to partake in a legacy of unparalleled artistic grandeur.
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