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ANTIQUE April 1899 Cadbury’s Cocoa The Wide World Magazine VICTORIAN Print Ad

Measurements: 6 1/2 inches x 4 1/2 inches
Brand/ business: Cadbury’s Cocoa
Publication: Wide World Magazine, April 1899
Notes: Victorian England print advertising for Cadbury Cocoa
Cadbury’s Cocoa: Refreshing, Nourishing, Sustaining. Absolutely Pure, therefore Best. 
Cadbury’s Cocoa
Entirely free from all admixtures, such as Kola, Malt, hops, &c. No alkali used to darken the colour. 
Cadbury’s Cocoa
Is an ideal beverage for Children, promoting healthy growth and development in a remarkable degree. 
‘The Standard of Highest Purity’. – The Lancet

Cadbury’s Cocoa, with its rich heritage, represents a storied chapter in British industry and the evolution of advertising. Established in 1824 by John Cadbury, the brand quickly became synonymous with quality and purity, a reputation carefully cultivated and reflected in their Victorian-era advertisements. The April 1899 ad from the Wide World Magazine is a prime example of Cadbury’s commitment to these values, assuring the absence of adulterants and highlighting endorsements from respected medical authorities like The Lancet.

Victorian England was a time of burgeoning industry and consumer awareness. Companies like Cadbury were at the forefront of using advertising to address public concerns about food purity, which had come under scrutiny due to the adulteration scandals of the time. Their ads often featured idyllic imagery and assurances of wholesomeness, tapping into the Victorian ideal of a healthy, moral, and upright society.

The Wide World Magazine itself was an integral part of Victorian literary culture, known for its adventurous stories and broad subject matter that captured the imaginations of the reading public. It offered a window into the larger world during an era when Britain was rapidly expanding its global reach.

For collectors and connoisseurs, an original print ad from this period is not just a piece of marketing; it’s a cultural artifact. It encapsulates the Victorian ethos, the burgeoning art of advertising, and the Cadbury brand’s growing legacy. It speaks to a time when chocolate was becoming the treat we know today and when magazines like the Wide World were helping shape the public consciousness.

Owning such an ad is like holding a piece of history that reflects the social and economic fabric of the time. It would be a treasured addition to any collection, appealing to those who value the intersection of commerce, culture, and art during one of Britain’s most dynamic periods.

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