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Last Updated on: 9th November 2023, 07:25 pm

Antique ENGLISH Coalport Exquisite Gilt and Cobalt Blue Handpainted Cup & Saucer

Height: cup isapprox. 2 inches tall
Cup: approx. 6 inches
Saucer: approx. 5 7/8 inches
Weight: approx.  g
Maker’s Marks: N/A
Notes / other details: intricate hand-painted floral details with gilt accents, stunning cobalt blue and gold colour pallette
This Coalport ensemble, with its lustrous cobalt blue embraced by the radiant warmth of gilt, is the epitome of antique English porcelain. The depth of the cobalt, a hue long associated with royalty and the finest artistic endeavours, provides a canvas for the gilt that dances delicately across its surface. The florals, meticulously handpainted, bloom in silent exuberance, each petal and leaf a whisper of the artisan’s deft touch.

At a genteel 2 inches in height, the cup suggests a modesty that belies its grandeur, cradled by a saucer that mirrors the cup’s opulence with a breadth of just under 6 inches. The weight of each piece in hand is a subtle reminder of the legacy of Coalport, a weight that speaks of quality, of a time when to craft was to create something timeless.

In the absence of maker’s marks, the artistry alone bears the signature of its provenance, a narrative of craftsmanship that traces back to the workshops of Shropshire, where skilled hands have been shaping beauty from the earth since the 18th century.

This cup and saucer set is not merely a vessel for tea; it is a celebration of heritage, an ode to the era when the craft was an art and every creation a testament to beauty. It is a treasured heirloom that beckons the connoisseur to partake in its storied past, inviting them to continue the tradition of appreciation and reverence for the exquisite artistry of Coalport’s finest.
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