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Last Updated on: 15th November 2023, 07:36 am

Vintage MIDWINTER Staffordshire ENGLAND Semi-porcelain Tureen / Serving Bowl

Height: approx. 4 1/2 inches tall
Diameter: approx. 10 inches from handle to handle
Weight: approx. 951 g
Maker’s Marks: Midwinter Staffordshire, England, Semi-porcelain
Notes / other details: intricate gilt scrolls and lace details on a stunnig ground of deep red/maroon and cream
This Midwinter Staffordshire tureen is a piece of quiet distinction. Its deep maroon glaze, rich and inviting, is complemented by the finesse of the gold detailing—a feature that captures the essence of its era. The gilded work, with its precision, hints at the genteel dinners of the past, where such pieces were not mere tableware but symbols of cultured living.

Its proportions are generous, yet the tureen remains an emblem of elegance. The weight confirms its quality, the craftsmanship evident in the heft and balance of the piece. It was created not just to hold sustenance but to engage the senses, to anchor the rituals of dining with grace and beauty.

Collectors will recognise in its lines and adornments the legacy of Staffordshire’s ceramic mastery. It is a legacy that speaks of an understanding that beauty lies in the details, in the careful curving of a handle, the deliberate placement of a scroll, the thoughtful contrast between colour and embellishment.

The tureen invites more than admiration; it encourages a dialogue with history, with the hands that shaped it and the eras it has witnessed. It holds within it the potential to continue this lineage, to be part of gatherings that still appreciate the artistry of the table. For those who seek not only to collect but to curate a part of history, this tureen is not simply an object to be displayed—it is a narrative in porcelain, waiting to be continued.
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