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Last Updated on: 4th November 2023, 09:54 am

ANTIQUE Fashionable Woman with Feathered Hat RPPC POSTCARD

Measurements: approx. 3 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches
Maker: N/A
Paper: postcard
Text: N/A
Additional Notes: Handwritten text in pencil says “Aunt Nell, Annie Newells sister”.
Stamps and postmarks: N/A
Addressee: N/A
Sale Notes: Only the original postcard is for sale. The enhanced and colourised images are for your appreciation only.
This vintage real photo postcard (RPPC) features a striking portrait of a woman from an era long past, exuding the fashion sensibilities of the time. Dressed impeccably, she dons a dark, tailored skirt and jacket that speak to the refined tastes of the period. Her blouse, lighter in tone, adds a gentle contrast to her attire, while her feathered hat is a statement piece that commands attention, typical of antique fashion.

The fur trim, luxurious and soft, adds an air of elegance and status. There’s a certain confidence and poise about her, possibly hinting at her social standing or the quiet pride of a woman who knows her own mind.

The handwritten text, “Aunt Nell, Annie Newell’s sister”, suggests a personal history, connecting the woman in this photograph to her family lineage. It provides a tangible link to the past, to the stories and relationships that were significant enough to be written down and preserved.

This postcard, while simple in its composition, is a window into the life of a woman from another time, offering collectors and enthusiasts of antique photography a glimpse into the sartorial elegance of bygone days. It’s a snapshot of personal history, fashion, and the timeless nature of family connections.
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Original scanned image

Enhanced image 
Colourised image 
Comparison image

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