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Why You Should Invest in Asian Countries?

According to surveys, Asia’s consistently robust economic performance over the past thirty years from 2010 in comparison to global performance makes the prospect of the “Asian Century” a very tangible and achievable one. 

The major contributors are the continued rise of productivity across Asia, a measurable rise in standard of living, economic reforms and growth in giants like China and India, the spread of Asian-style management-techniques into local and Western companies, wide range of investment-options, huge consumer-markets, rising education levels, higher life-expectancy and better health care and a young demographic dividend.


Other than a brief hiatus in 2016, local and cross-border transactions have zoomed upwards with property-markets rising in tandem with equity markets. Real Capital Analytics reported that in the first half of 2018, commercial-property transaction volumes scaled an all-time high, with the rolling-out of several big-ticket contracts. 


A joint study by PWC and the Urban Land Institute titled “Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Asia Pacific 2019” reports that investors are targeting higher returns this year, and 53% of those surveyed expect to receive annualized gains of >10% by the end of 2019.


Asian real estate markets are separated into commercial and residential projects. Serious investors prefer highly-priced commercial/office buildings. Equally popular are warehousing and logistics facilities.


Experts predict that currently, the best Asian countries to invest in 2020 are those with moderate debt-levels, fair asset-prices, stable governments, and favorable demographics:

  • The Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore

The Philippines

Reputed to be one of the fastest-growing of the Asian Tigers, the Philippines is a great blend of East meets West. Officially titled The Republic of the Philippines, spread over 7641 islands, it hosts the headquarters of the Asian Development Bank. 



This newly industrialized country is considered by economists as a highly attractive emerging market that’s swiftly transitioning from an agrarian one to a services/manufacturing-based one. 



It has a burgeoning middle-class, rising standards of living and boasts of never having had a single year of negative GDP growth since 1998. The Philippines has the highest number of people with English-language capabilities, making it a highly attractive destination for software titans like Microsoft and Google. Investments including stocks and real estate will gain due to huge consumer-pools and fast-paced economic growth. 



Thailand has long been a hot favorite with expats on the lookout for property investments. The economy is the second-largest in SE Asia. Low taxation and relatively affordable property rates are what drive many expat retirees to this beautiful, culturally-rich destination.



Like the Philippines, foreigners are not allowed to own land, but they can lease property for up to 50 years. The Thai Baht is one of the most resilient in Southeast Asia and miles ahead of the Malaysian rupiah or Vietnamese dong, and recently, more stable than the Singapore dollar or the Japanese yen. The safest investments are ADRs, exchange-traded funds. 


singapore real estate investment


As one of the world’s richest countries, this city-state has transformed itself from a run-down, unhealthy marshland into the region’s primary financial hub in the space of a few decades. Today it is one of the world’s most expensive cities, with condo unit prices pegged at $15,000/sq ft.



What makes it a great investment destination is the highly-stable government, relatively low rate of taxation, strong and stable currency, highly-educated and skilled population, resilient financial and banking system.



Property is one of the most popular growth-oriented investments as prices have been steadily appreciating. Rental yields are also very high, and interest rates on loans are relatively low.



Investing in Asian markets is one of the most exciting and happening news in the financial sector today. Apart from being currently home to more than 80% of the world’s population, this is a region that’s undergoing an enormous and fast-paced transformation. These markets comprise more than 90% of people under 30 who will dominate the world’s future workforce.



This population pays taxes, consumes and produces goods and saves for its retirement. Most of them escaped major financial meltdowns as they had lower borrowing and tighter regulations.


Share-prices are trading at low averages, auguring well for the future and property is one of the most attractive and lucrative investments. An experienced, reliable property expert like FazWaz can give you the right advice and assistance in getting the best deals.


This article was submitted by Shaz Hossen (shaz@fazwaz.ph) of FazWaz Philippines. 

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