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You know who are always present in gatherings or events like these?—the Developers’ Marketing Team. 



You will have the usual suspects: SMDC, Robinsons Land Development Corporation, Megaworld, Vistaland and others.



We were told they get alot of sign-ups during these events. Perhaps its the sunny weather that makes them make the investment decision out of the blue. Okay, money is no problem at this point but are these investments the real deal?



Sorry to say, that alot of Filipinos, though not all, have purchased investments like these in a whim because they were such in high spirits when they made that investment decision. 



Some could really afford the price, but their condos ended up sitting vacant in the Philippines only to be used during their holidays. We are talking of perhaps few weeks out of the 52 in a year. Okay, you are thinking of maybe AirBnb can solve that dilemma, but you’ll have to do it to see how hard the logistics and management is. You need someone really trusted to be on the ground if you are an ABSENTEE LANDLORD




Others were drawn into flowery salestalk of International Agents who were deployed by the developers straight from the Philippines. 

Some people we have chatted with outside these events have purchased luxury condos only to be later on repossessed because some serious health concerns of a relative back home put a blow on their finances. 



Of course, its not all horror stories. What we are saying is go to these events to explore your investment options. Don’t fall into the slippery track of committing yourself there and then. Nobody is pointing a gun in your head so chill. You came here to enjoy the party not to go home shopping. 




We are not downgrading developers because alot of them are really FIRST CLASS.



We are affiliated with Citiglobal, SMDC, Megaworld and New Nordic Group of Thailand and we really do believe their investment offerings are first class. 




The only problem is when the agents give only one side of the deal to convince clients, and for the clients later on to suffer the consequences when they fall into financial difficulties. 



We really do believe, as agents and brokers, don’t just offer properties to turn them over like hotcakes. Make sure you are offering quality service to your clients. 



We know there really is an internal CONFLICT OF INTEREST whether your agent will admit it or not because if you were being assisted by an in-house agent, these folks have a quota to meet and if they didn’t hit their targets they risk losing their jobs. 



For us it is better to weigh all your options first and don’t fall into well rehearsed sales funnel. You know yourself better than the agent knows you, so chill. The best hands to look after yourself are actually yours. 



INVEST patiently and diligently, don’t be in such a hurry. As they say HASTE MAKES WASTE. You won’t become the richest man in the world by buying up all the condos available. Perhaps, you should start thinking like a developer or a CEO if you have all that money. 

Live frugally and don’t fall into the CELEBRITY race of living with the Joneses- it’s bad for your bank account and for your mental health too. 





Of course, you’ve got to enjoy yourself. However, our honest review is not so exciting. Barrio Fiesta in London is not as good as the local version of it back in the Philippines. 



Barrio Fiestas in the Philippines are happy, carefree, and genuine. Barrio Fiestas in London are more of showing off or parading themselves: who’s got what, who, or where. 




This is the last time we are attending events like these lol, unless they provide unlimited red wine then yeah, bring it on!!!






Brighton Pride is an event that celebrates the LGBT Community. Its loud, it’s fun, it’s bright, it’s colourful. We enjoyed this better than the Barrio Fiesta actually. 




LGBT (or GLBT ) is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. In use since the 1990s, the term is an adaptation of the initialism LGB , which was used to replace the term gay in reference to the LGBT community beginning in the mid-to-late 1980s.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT)



International Celebs such as Britney Spears, Madonna, etc are usually invited to appear on stage in these events. 

These events are usually stretched to a 3-day long weekend featuring concerts, fairs, food trips, and the colourful parades. 




Of course this kind of dressing is no shocker to Brighton. Brighton is where Londoners come to party over the weekends lol. At least these young ladies still got dresses on. If you head towards Brighton Beach on a summer’s day, you will see all sorts. And if you really wanted the full-on Brighton experience, they have a semi-secluded beach called Naturist Beach- the kind where you sunbathe and swim without anything on- just your SKIN! Brave!



 Most of the patrons of the naturist beach really don’t care about the outside world. These are people who have their own worlds, like yours truly haha. 



Well if you want to be happy in life, you have to follow your heart and not the dictates of society. For conservative Asian families, you are really breaking a tall order. 



Well most of them who use the naturist beach are Europeans and perhaps some Americans. If you see an Asian in the naturist beach, that’s Asian in the exterior but really He/She is already westernised in the head. You don’t get a sane Asian on that beach, only a mad one lol…






Macs Farm is good fun for both youngsters and adults alike. You can roam around their farm and walk amongst their hens.We loved it!



You can also buy organic farm fresh eggs which is about twice the price of supermarket eggs.

Macs Farm used to be suppliers to Tesco with their own branding on the trays but Macs Farm announced that Tesco rather sneakily put their brands across different suppliers without informing them. Not getting further into that. That’s a bit of commercial law involved there lol. 




To learn more, visit their website at :  https://www.themacsfarm.co.uk/





These kids are having alot of fun. It’s good to be a kid, don’t you agree?






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