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Last Updated on: 8th November 2023, 06:38 pm

Ladies’ Synthetic AQUAMARINE Jumbo Sparkler Art DECO UK Dress Ring size P

Dimensions: inside diameter 18mm
Weight: approx. 3g
Maker’s mark: N/A
Notes/other details: stone sparkler measures 1cm x 1 1/2 cm
This ring is a magnificent statement piece, exuding the bold charm of Art Deco design with its grand synthetic aquamarine center. The stone itself measures an impressive 1cm x 1.5cm, designed to catch the light and eyes of onlookers, making it an instant conversation starter. Given its size and the jumbo sparkler effect, it is bound to be the centerpiece of any outfit.

The UK ring size P, with an inside diameter of 18mm, makes this piece accessible to a wide range of customers, fitting comfortably on the finger. Although there is no maker’s mark, the design’s craftsmanship speaks for itself with its intricate setting and the clear, vibrant hue of the aquamarine.

Weighing approximately 3 grams, this ring offers a substantial feel without being overly heavy, allowing for prolonged wear during events without compromising comfort.

This sparkler can play various roles in one’s wardrobe. It can serve as the crowning jewel for evening wear, lifting a classic little black dress to new heights, or introduce a touch of vintage elegance to a modern cocktail outfit. For daytime events, it could be paired with a chic blouse and trousers to add a touch of glamour to business attire.

The aquamarine’s cool blue tones also make it versatile across seasons; it could complement the icy palette of winter wardrobes or echo the clear skies of a summer day. Due to its eye-catching nature, this ring is best paired with simpler accessories to let it take center stage on the wearer’s hand.

A piece like this doesn’t just accessorise; it accentuates one’s presence in a room, reflecting not just light but the personality and taste of the wearer. Whether used to elevate everyday style or as the finishing touch to special occasion attire, this ring is more than jewelry—it’s a personal emblem of style.
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