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Last Updated on: 30th October 2023, 10:56 pm

VINTAGE EASTEX Ladies’ 100% Wool BURGUNDY Wine Red Coat UK 14

Size: UK 14, Euro 40
Brand: Eastex
Materials: 100% wool
Lining: 100% polyester
Colour palette: Burgundy/wine red

Notes / other details:
2 front pockets
Elegant gilt and red buttons
Lovely burgundy lining
In a world awash with the ephemeral, there’s a distinct charm in the timeless. This vintage Eastex coat is a poignant reminder of an era when every stitch, every weave, bore testimony to an artistry that’s fast becoming rare. The deep burgundy wine hue evokes a sense of old-world luxury; it’s the colour of quiet sophistication, of secrets whispered in hushed corridors, and of evenings spent in the soft glow of candlelight.

The texture of the pure wool envelops you, reminiscent of the tender embrace of an old cherished memory. It speaks of days when garments were more than just attire; they were companions, bearing witness to stories, adventures, and fleeting moments.

But what truly sets this coat apart are the subtle nuances. The gilt and red buttons, elegantly placed, are like the final notes of a symphony, completing, yet never overshadowing the masterpiece. These buttons, in their quiet elegance, hint at tales of grandeur, of ballrooms filled with waltzing couples and theatres echoing with applause.

The discreet front pockets, seamlessly integrated, are a nod to the pragmatism of the era, ensuring that beauty never compromised on utility. And as you delve deeper, the coat reveals its final secret: a lining that matches the exterior in both hue and grandeur. It’s a cocoon of luxury, ensuring that the wearer feels the embrace of opulence, inside out.

To don this Eastex coat is to not merely wear a garment. It is to drape oneself in a legacy, to feel the pulse of an era gone by, and to carry its elegance forward. It’s an experience, an emotion, a journey through time.
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