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Last Updated on: 7th February 2024, 05:10 am

Vintage Royal Wedding July 29, 1981 Diana and Charles Tapestry Cross Stitch

Measurements: 16 inches x 18 inches
Texts: H.R.H Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Wedding July 29, 1981

This exquisite Vintage Royal Wedding Tapestry, commemorating the iconic nuptials of H.R.H Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on July 29, 1981, is a treasure trove for collectors and aficionados of royal memorabilia. Measuring 16 by 18 inches, this meticulously handcrafted piece not only captures a pivotal moment in royal history but also embodies the grandeur of royal heraldry through its intricately stitched coats of arms.

The tapestry features the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom, which represents the sovereignty of the monarch and serves as a potent emblem of royal authority. To the discerning eye, the left shield signifies Prince Charles, the heir apparent, with its nod to the various realms of the UK, while the right shield, more personal and familial, relates to the Spencer family, thus honouring Lady Diana’s noble lineage.

Each coat of arms tells a story: The royal insignia, with its lion and unicorn supporters, heralds strength, purity, and the chivalric virtues, while the Spencer crest, with its red and gold, speaks to the family’s history and standing. Between these two, the red dragon of Wales adds a dramatic touch, symbolising Prince Charles’s title as the Prince of Wales.

For the collector, this tapestry is a rare find—a piece of art steeped in history. It’s a celebration not just of a royal wedding that captured the hearts of millions worldwide, but also of the craftsmanship that has turned an event into an enduring legacy. This piece is sure to be the cornerstone of any royal collection, a splendid tribute that will continue to fascinate and inspire.

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