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Last Updated on: 25th December 2023, 02:41 pm

VINTAGE YARDLEY Bond Street LONDON “Put your best face forward” Wartime Print Ad

Dimensions: approx. 8 1/8 x 11 5/8 inches
Company: Yardley 33 Old Bond Street London W1
Additional Notes: vintage wartime London print advertising
Put your best face forward …
Simpler life: simpler, more natural looks. Which means that your beloved Yardley beauty things are more precious than ever, because Yardley’s special art lies in creating loveliness that seems truly natural. What a blessing they’re still obtainable!
They appear in war-time packings nowadays, and you may have to search a little for them. But they still have all the qualities you know and trust.
Bond Street Powder
Beauty creams
Hand cream
Toilet soap: (Lavender and Rose complexion)
Lipstick and refills
Talcum powder (Lavender and April Violets)
The wartime advertisement for Yardley of London is more than just a promotion for beauty products; it’s a rich tapestry of resilience, nostalgia, and the enduring pursuit of beauty in the face of adversity. Yardley’s legacy as a purveyor of fine cosmetics stretches back over centuries, having established itself as a staple on the iconic Old Bond Street, a synonym for luxury and refinement in the heart of London.

This particular ad, steeped in the context of its time, speaks volumes about the steadfast nature of British society during the war. Amidst the austerity and rationing, Yardley stood as a beacon of normality and elegance. The ad’s call to “put your best face forward” resonates as a rallying cry for morale, encouraging women to maintain their grace and poise as an act of defiance against the turmoil of war.

The illustration of a woman attending to her garden, juxtaposed with the opulent beauty products, symbolises a dual commitment to both the homefront and the preservation of self-care rituals. It speaks to the indomitable spirit of the era, where cultivating one’s garden or one’s appearance were acts of optimism and resistance. The mention of “simpler, more natural looks” not only reflects the era’s beauty trends but also a stoic adaptation to the changing times.

Yardley’s products, with their luxurious scents of Lavender and April Violets, offered a sensory escape from the rigours of wartime reality, a whisper of the tranquil countryside amidst the city’s blitz. Their availability, despite wartime packaging, reassured customers of continuity; a promise that some things could remain unchanged, reliable, and familiar in an uncertain world.

This advertisement is more than mere nostalgia; it is a time capsule that encapsulates the deep heritage of Yardley London. It is a testament to their role not just as a beauty brand, but as a cultural icon that provided a touch of beauty and normalcy to women in London and beyond, during a time when such luxuries were rare and cherished.
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