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Last Updated on: 8th September 2023, 05:40 am

ANTIQUE Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company S.S. MOOLTAN LETTERCARD



Approx. 6 inches x 3 7/8 (closed and folded)
Miss Lee Cornwall Jones
St. Helen’s School
1 1/2 D
6 PM
4 July 1937
Waterlow & Sons Limited, London, England
Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company
S.S. Mooltan
  • P & O S.S. “MOOLTAN” 21,000 tons
  • First class dining saloon
  • First class lounge
  • First saloon lounge
  • First saloon smoking room
  • First saloon promenade deck
Wednesday, 30th June
My darling Lee,
I came on board about 4:00 pm on Monday after hanging about all day alone at Port Said.
It’s not a good boat- the cabin accommodation being inferior to the tourist on “Orontee” (?)- still I’m on the way to Abingdon and looking forward to seeing you Saturday this week. 
There are one or two from Jerusalem on board, but otherwise they’re a rotten lot and wish I’d gone overland with Daddy.
Nothing to write- the sea is calm and the sun is shining still and its pretty hot this morning.
This will come from Marseille.
Fondest love and kisses.
Your loving Mummy x
💌 Journey Through Time with a Mother’s Love: S.S. MOOLTAN Antique Lettercard 🚢

🌊 A Voyage Paved with Heartfelt Words and Kisses

As you unfold this S.S. MOOLTAN antique lettercard, you’re not just revealing a piece of history, but immersing yourself into a story brimming with warmth, longing, and the undying bond between a mother and her child. Within the words penned down lies a journey of a loving mother, her heart pulsating with the sweet anticipation of reuniting with her beloved Lee. 🌹

💖 A Loving Mother’s Diary of an Elegant Voyage

Step back in time and witness the elegance and grandeur of the S.S. MOOLTAN through this mesmerising lettercard. Feel the luxury of the first-class amenities where each picture narrates a story, immersing you in a world of opulence, where dreams bloomed amidst lavish lounges and sun-kissed promenade decks. It is not just an item; it’s a doorway to vivid emotions and grandeur from a time long past. 💫

🌞 An Embodiment of Warmth, Sunshine, and Unyielding Hope

As you peruse the words lovingly scripted on this lettercard, you can feel the mother’s experiences come to life — the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, the tranquility of the calm sea, and a heart filled with an amalgamation of eagerness and nostalgia. Each word is a testament to her unyielding hope, a reflection of her resilient spirit navigating towards love and warmth. 🌟

🕰 Become a Guardian of History’s Tender Narratives

This lettercard is more than a historical artefact; it is a guardian of tender narratives dated back to 4 July 1937. It shares a day in the life of a strong yet loving mother, portraying her raw and authentic emotions, bearing not just a date but a moment of historical significance, a snapshot of undying affection, and a ray of hopeful sunshine from the 1930s. 💖

💝 Own a Heartfelt Story, a Cherished Moment from the Past

With a simple “Buy It Now,” this cherished moment in history can be yours to own. Hold in your hands not just a lettercard but a vibrant story of love, hope, and affection that has stood the test of time. Become a keeper of this heartwarming narrative, a slice of history encapsulated in love, a vivid testament to the everlasting bond between a mother and her child. 💞

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