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ANTIQUE “ANDREAS GEIGER” Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 606 PRINT

Dimensions: 10 inches x 14 1/4 inches

Weight: Approx. 678 grams

Signed And. Geiger (Andreas Geiger)
Etcher and mezzotinter, worked in Vienna.
Source: British Museum online

Kunstkontor R.H. Mayer
Obere Brücke 5
D-8600 Bamberg
Deutschland (DE) GERMANY

R.H. MAYER (Art dealer, Germany)

“Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung (Aus Paris) No. 606”
“Fashion pictures for the theater newspaper (from Paris) no. 606”

“Wien im Bureau der Theaterzeitung Rauhensteingasse No. 926”
“Vienna in the office of the theater newspaper Rauhensteingasse No. 926”


Today’s owner of the Böttingerhaus is the
Bamberg gallery owner and art dealer Richard H. Mayer.
Böttinger’s Palais houses galleries for old and contemporary art.

Source: Kunstkontor Bamberg Deutschland

Within the delicate interplay of shadow and light lies the distinguished work of Andreas Geiger’s “Modebilder zur Theaterzeitung No. 606.” A piece that whispers tales of a Paris once awash in elegance, its lines and intricacies invite the discerning eye to journey back to an era where subtlety reigned supreme.

Geiger, whose etchings and mezzotints from 1773 to 1856 have graced collections from Vienna to far beyond, manifests his mastery here. The British Museum, a beacon of art connoisseurship, recognises his indelible mark upon the annals of art history.

The print, with its dimensions of 10 inches by 14 1/4 inches, possesses a tactile gravitas. Yet, it’s the ethereal allure, the hushed narratives of Parisian fashion and Viennese theatres, that lends it its undeniable magnetism.

Its association with Kunstkontor R.H. Mayer Galerie in Bamberg adds layers to its narrative. Richard H. Mayer, the venerated guardian of Böttingerhaus, curates spaces where the past seamlessly melds with the present, where old-world charm finds dialogue with contemporary brilliance.

This piece by Geiger is not merely a visual delight; it’s a symphony of history and artistry. For the true connoisseur, it offers a chance to hold a fragment of time, where beauty was captured in its most nuanced and profound form.
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