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Lot of 12 1997/98 Arabian Heritage UAE Photography by Claude Avezard Postcards

Measurements: 6 3/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches in either portrait or landscape
Brand / Business/ Creator: Photography by Claude Avezard with Fujifilm Velvia
Location: United Arab Emirates
Notes / other details: Lot of 12 unposted Arabian Heritage postcards dated 1997 and 1998.
Immerse yourself in the mystical allure of Arabian splendour with this captivating collection of Claude Avezard’s “Arabian Heritage UAE Postcards.” Each piece in this set of twelve is a window into the enchanting world of the United Arab Emirates, a land where tradition dances gracefully with modernity, and the spirit of the desert weaves into the fabric of its people.

These postcards are a tribute to the mesmerising beauty of the Arabian landscape, from the tranquil purples of a twilight sky over the Creek to the golden warmth of a desert sunrise. They capture the essence of Arabian elegance, be it through the dignified poise of the Jumeirah Mosque or the serene gaze of a Bedouin child, whose eyes reflect centuries of stories untold.

For the connoisseur of culture, the collector of rare beauty, or the wanderer seeking the soul of the sands, this collection is a treasure. It’s a curated journey through the heart of Arabia, offering a glimpse of a world where every grain of sand, every fold of fabric, and every glimmering star tells a tale of timeless allure.

Let these postcards transport you to the mystical Arabian terrains, where every image is a testament to the enduring heritage and profound beauty of the UAEa perfect homage to the land and its people, for those who carry the spirit of Arabia wherever they go.
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The clear, blue eyes of this beautiful Bedui girl from Central Arabia reflect all the peace and serenity of her home within the rugged hajjar. Image: Claude Avezard
A young boy quietly studies the verses of his family Qu’ran – bathed by the soft light of an early morning. Image: Claude Avezard
A Bedui woman of the great Central deserts wears a traditional Burka and tribal make-up. Arabian Peninsular. Image: Claude Avezard
Young boys, often only four years old, grit their teeth and ride for Victory at camel races held during winter months throughout the Arabian Peninsular. Image: Claude Avezard
A pearling dhow with huge, wind-filled sails, puts out to sea under the heat of the rapidly rising sun. Arabia. Image: Claude Avezard
The beautiful warm stone of the Jumeira Mosque glows at dusk like a jewel on the Dubai skyline. UAE. Image: Claude Avezard
Fisherman tease the waters with their hooks all along the sea-edges of the Gulf and often come away with a copious and delicious catch. Arabian Peninsular. Image: Claude Avezard
The eloquence of the Dubai Creek Yacht lub, pristine in the ephemeral light of a soft dawn, stands as a distinctive welcoming haven to mariners. UAE. Image: Claude Avezard
The warm winter sun at dusk lights up the Creek while both fishing and commercial Shui as lie at quay-side near the Al Maktoum Bridge. Dubai, UAE. Image: Claude Avezard
The sharply distinctive sails of the Dubai Creek Golf Club create suffused echoes in the placid waters of a lake adjoining the green. UAE. Image: Claude Avezard
The warm suffused glow of a quietly setting sun over the Creek heralds the end of another day for this exciting and vital city. Dubai, UAE. Image: Claude Avezard
The magnificent greens of the Emirates Golf Club play host to major world-class international championships. Image: Claude Avezard
Arabian Heritage postcard. Image: Claude Avezard

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