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VINTAGE French Fashion Costume Porcelain Bisque Head Dolls Poupees de collection Collection Poupees Carine Collectibles


VINTAGE French Fashion Costume 

Porcelain Bisque Head Dolls 

Poupees de collection

Christiane Bernaert

Poupee Carine





Further research has revealed that when porcelain dolls became fashionable 
and therefore have become highly sought collectibles in Europe in the 19th & 20th Century, 
different European families have started manufacturing porcelain dolls 
where they left no manufacturer’s markings on the dolls body.
Such dolls have origins from Chinese porcelain, thus china dolls. 
Their difference is that bisque dolls (such as the ones in our photos) 
 have only been fired once- thus the matt look 
while china dolls have that glazed look as they have been glazed and fired twice. 
These fashionable dolls have become highly collectible items specially for Upper Class 
French ladies as they use to display them for dressing up. 
They reveal the fashion of the times. 
These dolls could easily be ANTIQUES but further research does not confirm it 
and points towards being REPRODUCTIONS from Europe. 
Though not hundreds of years old, 
they are still highly sought after due to their AESTHETICS & VINTAGE 
These dolls have been delicately cleaned and handwashed 
along with their articles of fashion and clothing because they came in very dusty 
due to long storage in a loft. 
Any damage to them have been meticulously noted in this description. 


Marquise Noemie

A beautiful doll that lives up to her name Marquise Noemie. 
A marquise is the wife of a marquis, a French man with High Social Stature 
(Cambridge English Dictionary) 
No marks of manufacturer on doll’s body. 
Certificat Poupees de collection : Christiane Bernaert “Poupees Carine” attached. 
DOLL is wearing a beautiful floaty yet LONG SKYBLUE & Mint Blue combination
ornate Dress of three layers of fabrics. 
PUFF sleeves are so fashionable and is cinched at the wrists then finished off with lace details on the hands. 
The body of the skirt is full of WHITE & GLITTERY florals 
then accented at the lower part with beautiful ribbons, flowers, and beads. 
The hemline of the skirt is exaggerated with lace details which typifies the FRENCH ARISTOCRACY 
at the time with their excesses in terms of fashion and lifestyle in general. 
Other FASHION articles on her are her Fashionable oversized hat 
with FLOWERS & FEATHERS and her matching handbag. 
The DOLL is reminiscent of the GRAND & GLORIOUS period of the FRENCH EMPIRE
that probably saw its decline during the time of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. 
You’re looking at a doll who could have easily lived & dressed during the time of the famous or rather infamous 
We tried our best to give you a background of this fashion item 
but we do not claim HISTORICAL expertise as that is a career
that could easily take 1 whole lifetime to master. 
* Doll’s height is approximately 16 in. 
* Doll is propped up on an iron stand that holds the doll up on her waist 
and supported by a flat & oval shaped base. 
* Wearing synthetic GOLDILOCKS curls to as long as 9 inches
* Painted brows and lower lashes
* Artificial eyelashes attached though the Right eyelash came off already
* Deep Blue glass eyes
* Porcelain head, arms, and legs
* The porcelain part are only for the extremeties of the limbs and the bust
* The rest of the doll’s body is made of composition fabric materials
* Doll is wearing undergarment, socks, and lace up synth leather shoes




Approx 18 in. tall
Doll is wearing Puffed Sleeves long-sleeve Richly structured and decorated dress in the style of the 
French aristocracy. It is full of lace, florals, ribbons, and pearl like accents. The colour of her dress
is perhaps Olive Green or Pool that has a slight sheen to it. She keeps a handheld fan that is fashioned the same way as her dress and her hat. 
Doll has a long and rich copper / auburn ringlets and wears it with curly bangs. 
The oversized hat complete with feathery and floral accents complete the look. 
Her face has soft features with rosebud mouth, green glass eyes, delicately painted eyebrows 
lower eyelashes, and wears synthetic long eyelashes. Her lips are of nude colour. 
Doll wears french pantaloon as her undergarment. 
She wears white maryjane type shoes that are secured with a button. 
She is propped up by a metal stand that holds her on the waist and supported by a flat oval base. 
Though she remains in pristine condition, her dress sadly has succumbed to the time because the
delicate lace on the hem are sadly falling apart. 
We would love this doll and the others to belong to somebody who really knows how to love delicate things
or to someone who can restore them lovingly. 



Approx. 16 in. tall
Doll have beautiful long synthetic lashes, delicately painted light brown
eyebrows and tiny lower lashes. She’s got slightly blushed cheeks and beautiful mouth. 
Doll have beautiful and long blonde ringlets that extend to about 9 inches long 
which extends past her waist. 
She wears  beautiful and ornate Aqua coloured gown that is representative of the French 
aristocracy. Her outfit comes with matching oversized fashionable hat and a handbag that 
hangs on her wrist. Her dress and hat are accented with pink flowers, ribbons, and string of mini pearls. 
She wears undergarment, lace up shoes, and is propped up by a metal stand 
that holds her on the waist and is supported by a flat oval base. 
Sadly for Doll, the lace on her dress have succumbed to time and are falling apart 
around the hem area. Her dress is very delicate so whoever gets to own them 
can lovingly restore her dress or take her to an expert restorer
of vintage items. 
Doll’s right arm has also come off from her fabric upper arm
and have just been joined together by ordinary tape so 
it doesn’t go missing. This mademoiselle needs Tender Loving Care 
as both her body and her dress really needs urgent attention of an expert restorer. 
Aesthetically, the damages are not very evident and can still be part of a beautiful 
display behind a glass cabinet. 



Height: approx 17 inches
Doll wears a Dark Blue Velvet and Cream Satin collared long-sleeve dress with matching hat. 
The dress has crochet-inspired trimmings and blue ribbons accents. The dress is elegant and eye-catching. 
She has glass Hazel eyes though her left eyelashes have come off. The eyelashes is still available ready to be 
restored or attached. She has very soft mademoiselle features and her lips have just got a hint of tint. 
She has big blonde curls that extends to her upper back which is of medium length. 
Doll is propped up by a metal stand which is supported by a flat oval base. 
She wears undergarments and white lace-up shoes. 





HEIGHT: Approx 13 inches
Doll is a cute French Bebe. 
She have thick Brunette ringlets that extends to her waist. 
Doll’s face is very delicate and sweet. 
She have a pretty peach blush and matching closed rosebud mouth. 
She have beautiful brown glass eyes and delicate painted lower lashes and eyebrows. 
Sadly her left eyelash is already off but hopefully
an expert antiques and vintage restorer can do the trick. 
She is wearing a HIGH NECK pretty pink pastel lace dress with cream satin 
accented with lots of lace, ruffles, ribbons, and flowers.
Her gorgeous matching hat is trimmed with
laces and ruffles and accented with big fluffy feathers.  
She is wearing cute maryjane type shoes. 
She is propped up by a brown wooden base 
and held up on the waist by an iron holder. 
She is in immaculate condition apart from her left eyelashes.