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Last Updated on: 9th March 2024, 06:06 pm

Vintage MIDWINTER Staffordshire ENGLAND Semi-porcelain Serving Bowl

Height: approx. 4 inches
Diameter: approx. 8 1/4 inches
Weight: approx. 877 g
Maker’s Marks: Midwinter Staffordshire, England, Semi-porcelain
Notes / other details: intricate gilt scrolls and lace details on a stunnig ground of deep red/maroon and cream
In the realm of fine antiques, where heritage echoes with every detail, this Midwinter Staffordshire semi-porcelain serving bowl stands as a paragon of classic English elegance. The Midwinter name itself conjures images of Staffordshire’s storied past, a lineage steeped in the creation of exquisite tableware that has graced the homes of the discerning for over a century.

The deep maroon hue, rich and full-bodied, provides a canvas for the gilt scrolls and lace details that adorn the bowl’s surface. Such intricate ornamentation is the hallmark of an era where every meal was an occasion, and every piece of tableware a testament to craftsmanship. This is not merely a bowl; it is an ambassador of a bygone era, exuding a sophistication that is both quiet and profound.

Measuring an ample 8 1/4 inches in diameter and with a presence that stands 4 inches tall, the bowl has a satisfying heft, indicative of its semi-porcelain construction—a material celebrated for its balance of delicate beauty and enduring strength. To hold this bowl is to feel the weight of history, the heft of quality craftsmanship passed down through generations.

The bowl’s provenance is indisputable, bearing the maker’s marks that assure its authenticity and cement its status as a collectible. This is not simply a piece to be displayed, but an artefact to be utilised and appreciated—a versatile vessel suitable for a myriad of sophisticated uses, from a dignified centrepiece to the vessel of choice for sumptuous servings at gatherings that aspire to the highest standards of refinement.

This serving bowl is an offering to those who can discern the whisper of luxury in its form, who can appreciate the silent opulence that true quality exudes. It is an invitation to continue a legacy of elegance, to incorporate into one’s collection not just an object, but a piece of history, a brushstroke in the grand tapestry of the Midwinter narrative.

For the connoisseur of the unique and the timeless, this Midwinter Staffordshire bowl is an heirloom in waiting, a piece that upholds the hushed sophistication that only true luxury can whisper.
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