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Vintage 1988 EASTER EGG Enamelled on Copper HALCYON DAYS London England

Dimensions of box: 3 inches x 3 1/4 inches x 1 7/8 inches
Egg: 47 g
Egg + Presentation Box: 96 g

By appointment to
Her Majesty The Queen
Halcyon Days Ltd., London
Suppliers of Objets D’Art

By appointment to
H.M. Queen Elizabeth
The Queen Mother
Halcyon Days Ltd., London
Suppliers of Objets D’Art

Certificate of Authenticity

The 1988 Easter Egg was enamelled on copper in Bilston, England.
This edition will not be produced after 30th April, 1988 and all relevant design material will be destroyed on that date.

Halcyon Days, 14 Brook Street, London, WIY 1AA
The Halcyon Days Easter Egg, meticulously handcrafted in 1988, is a masterpiece from a lineage of artisans whose work graces the collections of British royalty. This enamelled treasure, born from the fires of Bilston’s famed copper craftsmanship, is a testament to a legacy steeped in artistic excellence and the pursuit of perfection.

Halcyon Days, nestled in the historic Brook Street of London, has long stood as a bastion of British luxury, each piece a narrative woven in opulent enamel and gilded accents. To be “By appointment to Her Majesty The Queen” and “H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother” is to bear a mark of unrivaled quality, a seal of regal approval that elevates their creations to more than mere objects—they are artifacts of history and tradition.

For the collector, each Halcyon Days Easter Egg is not simply a seasonal curio but a segment of a grander tapestry. It is the confluence of history, art, and the regenerative spirit of Eastera symbol of renewal and resurrection, celebrated throughout centuries. To collect these eggs is to partake in a rich tradition of marking the turn of the seasons, the blossoming of spring, and the cycle of life itself.

The ritual of collecting such eggs is more than a hobby; it’s a dedication to the preservation of a craft that embodies the cultural heritage of a nation. The 1988 Easter Egg, with its finite existence sealed by the destruction of its designs, emerges not only as a rare commodity but as a chronicle of time itself, forever capturing the essence of the year it was born.

In the realm of fine collectibles, the Easter egg holds a unique place, symbolising not just the Christian narratives of rebirth but also the broader human appreciation for new beginnings and the joy of life’s perpetual renewal. The Halcyon Days creation is a celebration of this symbolism, rendered in the timeless language of fine enamel, an heirloom piece that offers both the warmth of nostalgia and the prestige of an illustrious provenance.
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