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Last Updated on: 21st February 2024, 05:26 pm

Vintage Lot of 5 Clare ENGLAND Wild Floral Posy Gilt Demitasse cup & saucer

Height:  demitasse is approx. 2 1/2 inches
Cup: 3 inches
Saucer: approx. 5 inches
Weight for the demitasse cup & saucer: approx. 155g
Maker’s Marks: Clare Bone China, Made in England
Notes: tactile red flowers on cup and saucer (possibly enamel), opulent gilt details to handle, rim, foot of the cup, and edge of the saucer. The cup is a dainty demitasse footed cup while the saucer has scalloped shaped edge. The beautiful wild floral posy details remind us of English countryside summers when all the wild flowers transform even the sleepiest of the English landscape.
Other notes: There is 1 spare saucer included in the lot. Keep it as replacement when one of the saucer gets damaged.
This exquisite Clare Bone China demitasse set is an ode to the storied tradition of English tea and coffee culture—a refined practice that elevates a simple daily ritual to an art form. Each piece in this collection speaks to the connoisseur’s soul, embodying the meticulous craftsmanship and genteel luxury that underscore England’s celebrated heritage of fine bone china.

As you cradle the delicate cup, adorned with a wild floral posy that seems plucked from the vibrant English hedgerows, you’re not simply holding a vessel—you’re grasping a moment in time. The tactile red blossoms, possibly hand-applied enamel, sit raised upon the surface, inviting your touch and offering a sensory connection to the artisan’s hand.

The gleaming gilt details are a testament to an age when to sip from such a cup was to partake in the elegance of high society. The set’s scalloped edges and gold-trimmed foot conjure images of aristocratic tea parties set against the backdrop of lush English gardens in bloom.

With each demitasse cup and saucer weighing approximately 155g, there is a reassuring heft to this fine bone china, grounding it in a sense of enduring quality that has long surpassed fleeting trends. The inclusion of an additional saucer speaks to an era of foresight and preservation, ensuring the longevity of your set for occasions yet to come.

This set is not merely a collector’s item but an invitation to indulge in the ceremonial grace of English tea and coffee drinking. It calls out to those who appreciate not only the aesthetic and historical significance of fine bone china but also the emotional resonance of partaking in a centuries-old tradition of leisure and conversation.

In a world rushing by, this Clare Bone China set offers a pause—a chance to savour the refined flavours of a robust espresso or the delicate aroma of tea, all the while wrapped in the warmth of English history. It is an escape to a bygone era, where every sip is a tribute to the sophistication and charm of English culture, making it an irreplaceable treasure for collectors and enthusiasts of England’s finest luxuries.
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